Event wont fire

this event wont fire even though the one a line right above it will. I have a print the runs when the event fires but it wont print

if game.Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("HasJimmyPackage").Value == true then
		Chat.Text = "Thanks bro heres your payment"
		script.Parent.GuiDestroyer:FireServer() --- fires
		script.Parent.JobOver:FireServer() ---- wont fire

Can you show the script that the remote event fires to?

could an error that isnt going to output be causing it?

	game.Workspace.Jimmy.prox.Active = false
	player.PlayerGui.Added.Cash.Transparency = 0
	player.PlayerGui.Added.Cash.Text = "+85!"
	player.leaderstats.cash.Value = player.leaderstats.cash.Value +85

Errors are always shown in the output unless the code that errors is wrapped in a pcall function. Is that the entire script or just a part of a larger script? Make sure there’s no while true do loops above the OnServerEvent code. You could also try putting the remote event in replicated storage.

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