EventBlocks Devlog 1 | Making a visual scripting plugin in Roblox

Hello everyone!

I started working on a visual programming plugin that is heavily inspired by Scratch.
The idea is, it will generate real lua scripts automatically, without you needing to write code.
For now, the interface is starting to take shape.

There’s still a lot of issues with the drag and drop system. I started making the ‘lua translator’, but I need to fiy a ton of issues with this first.

This is the first devlog, hopefully there will be more :D!
Fell free to share your toughts.

(if you want to be notified about the next devlog, say it in the replies and I’ll mention you in the next post so you get a notification.)



I remember I tried something like this a long time but it failed tremendously, this is sick though! I love the idea and its great for beginner scripters.

Great job so far!

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The next devlog is done, check it out :wink:

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