"Events" tab for group experiences

Hey Roblox PMs and Engineers,

It is currently not very easy to tell group members about events that are happening in the group’s experiences.

If this was addressed by having a handy-dandy “Events” tab that lists upcoming and currently active events for experiences under the group, it would allow us to show our members that there are some cool things happening/will happen, and will result in more engagement with our events!

Roblox Developers and fans of this awesome feature!


It would also be nice if the My Feed was updated as well to include events. Additionally, what about the game “Follow” button? We haven’t seen much of that either. People are forgetting about it and are using events as the updates for experiences instead of the follow button.

My Feed was removed a long time ago and is no longer maintained, it’s likely it won’t be added back in-favor of push notifications.

Most developers I know use both, please don’t make assumption on the usage of a feature, the ‘game updates’ system is still widely used by games who may not have a steady player count as it pushes a notification to the players’ notification tab

As a group owner, I disagree, why would you need this when you can just do it at the group shout?

this is the link to the event I showed in the picture

I also did that in the event link I showed

I agree, frankly I didn’t even know the feed was removed since I never check the sidebar anymore. I rarely check notifications and I’m assuming developers use events to push out updates for <13 users to see (since they don’t have twitter as a sidebar), and for everyone to see them since nobody checks the notifications.

That is why I support this feature request, since these events and notifications are not accessible enough.

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