Evercyan's RPG Kit (V2)


Current Release | 2023/07/14

Five years ago, I released an RPG Kit which used lots of my game’s code to allow the community to create their own RPG games. In 2023, I realized how everyone was still relying on this kit, years after its release, and with how outdated and clunky it was in basically every sector, I decided to recode it from the ground up!

A kit offers you many components of a genre of a game (ie. obby kits, tycoon kits) that you can use to create your own! Mine is no different, it includes many features which you can use to make your own RPG game, with little to no experience.


  • Melee weapons (Simple click & hit, additional configurations + Autofire)
  • Ranged weapons (Create bows, guns, magic weapons, and more!)
  • Armor (Flexible compared to pads)
  • Easy-to-use & simple sorted Backpack interface with a Search & Hotbar (Saves positions)
  • Shops (Buy & Sell)
  • Mobs (Simple AI - Jumping, Ragdolling, Drops, Damage, Respawn, Animations)
  • Portals (Teleporting to Realms)
  • Level Doors (Gatekeep anything by Level)
  • Healing Fountain (Optional Cooldown)
  • Melee Autoalign (Easier to fight mobs)
  • Basic Data Saving (Levels, Gold, Items)
  • Lightweight projectile casting library which can be used to expand projectiles to sentries or mobs

How do I import it?

The Kit Importer plugin is the best way to import this kit into your brand new experiences, but you do need to own the model as well. Regardless of how you wish to do it, both links can be found below!

How do I use it?

Kits are a great way for new developers to experiment with game creation (especially in their favorite genre!), and everything is thoroughly explained in the quick-start guide found in the resource, which breaks down basics of it, as well as adding new content.

You can also watch @BWKing16’s video tutorials below if that’s your preferred format!

Feel free to let me know of any issues you’re having below and I’ll get to it when I can. Detailed information (errors / steps to reproduce) will help us both out.
The change log can be found here if you’re interested in that too.
Thank you!


Gonna use the level system thanks!


It seems that the XP required for the next level only goes up by a certain number and not a percentage is there a way to change that?


such a classic kit made by such an excellent programmer, thanks for this!

i remember playing your rpg games back in the day, brought me so much joy :smiling_face_with_tear:


The level system is linear (like most classic RPGs), but you should be able to adjust the formula to your liking under ServerMain>PlayerLeveling! :slight_smile:

You may need to also adjust the formula in the interface, so the level up bar will reflect your new formula.


Thank you for this! I’m not skilled with scripting and have been looking for a good RPG Kit, and I remember using the old version of this back in the day, but this is amazing! Everything works perfectly, I ran into one issue though:

So I was going to swap it to R15 rigs for a project of mine, but came across a problem with armor. I could be missing something obvious, but I’ve attempted a few things, none of which fixed my issue. This is a armor model I had created for a game of mine, and I tried to import it into the kit. I added all the parts needed for R15 (LeftLowerLeg, LeftUpperLeg etc. rather then just LeftLeg), and made sure I had a core part named ‘Middle’, and it comes out looking like this:


I did, however, use R15 rig parts for the ‘Middle’ parts (like the UpperTorso renamed as ‘Middle’ with all the armor parts welded to it, within a model called ‘UpperTorso’) and thought that could maybe be my problem? I’m not entirely sure. I’m not too advanced with anything rig related. Also, my bad if that doesn’t make much sense, not totally sure how to explain my issue :sweat_smile:


I got the model but I wasn’t able to get the Plug-In
(Maybe it was because I did it in phone?)


I also have another question:
Do we have to credit you if we use this?
And if we do:
If we use our own modified version of it do we have to credit you still?


To make armor work for R15, I had to…

  • Set my experience to use “R15” rigs under Game Settings

  • Create armor groups (Models under your Armor model) based off an R15 Dummy’s limbs. I cloned each into a model with the part name, then named each limb “Middle”.

  • Make sure that under Armor’s ItemConfig, the “BodyPartsVisible” variable matches for R15 limb names, instead of R6.

  • Set your character proportions (under Humanoid, like BodyTypeScale) to match the imported Dummy’s proportions. You could also find some way to scale the armor limbs instead if you don’t want all characters to have the same proportions. This is important, so it scales perfectly with your rig.

Using these steps, I was able to make the armor work for R15 rigs, and I’m sure you can follow these steps to have it work with any sort of custom rig.

Here’s the model if you wish to dissect it. Hope that helps!


Since this model was uploaded to the Creator Marketplace, you aren’t required to credit me at all, I just ask that people don’t reupload it and claim it as their own is all! :slight_smile:

Feel free to disable the kit credit button if you don’t want it under ReplicatedStorage>GameConfig.


Thanks, I appreciate it! I’ll take a deeper look into this!


I’ll probably use it in one of my Games, and I will credit you

Have a good day/afternoon/evening


Are there any future plans for “range weapons” like a bow or I don’t know, rifles or something.


How would I go about adding an idle animation to the mobs?


Thank you so much! I remember when I used your first RPG Kit but it wasn’t so satisfactory; why not to give it a second opportunity after 2 years?


I remember using your kit years ago, I’m glad an improved, much better version is now out there :slight_smile:


I’ve been wanting to try making an RPG recently, thanks! :smiley:


I’m having an issue with the size of the armor template. In-game it seems the picture/icon is scaled inwards. For example the iron armor in shop shows the full armor, while the one in the inventory only shows the top part of the armor. Is there a way to change this weird icon size change? it doesn’t do this for weapons as it’ll scale the image to fit the icon box.


Are you also going to make updated versions of your other kits such as the egg hunt one? I think an updated egg hunt kit with more features would be nice.


Hey man, I was wondering why you use number values for the stats rather than attributes. Is their a specific reason as to why?