Every animation I export is 5 seconds when it should be shorter

Every time I export an animation I make with the animation editor, it is 5 seconds long even though I specifically set it multiple times to be shorter lengths. Nothing I try works. I have restarted Studio, changed the place, changed the ID, changed the lengths, etc. to no avail. Every animation is forced to be 5 seconds.

I even tried a different animation editor all together (Moon Animation Suite) and my animations were still forced to be five seconds upon export. This is getting annoying.

Repro: Literally change the length of an animation to something other than 5 seconds and export from studio. Re-import it and it’s 5 seconds long.

An animation with this issue (just in case): https://www.roblox.com/library/2666214034/Dance1

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I’m having the same problem with every animation, no matter what time I export it with. Also, the studio moves my camera in a specific direction every time I’m animating, even if I open menus. The only way to fix that is to more the camera while right clicking in the animation editor. As far as this animation length bug goes, it affects gameplay pretty heavily.

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Update: If you save the animation image then upload it, it will fix the animation length.

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