Every five minutes, the DevForum disconnects for "Human Verification"

As the title says, about every five minutes, the page stops responding to the network and requests to the server are blocked. When refreshing the page, the title turns to “Human Verification,” and then the server is accessible again by the page. This bug is quite annoying as drafts are taken offline and you need to refresh the page to continue work on the DevForum.

I’ve started experiencing this issue as of 4/23/2023.


I didn’t had this issue but when I try going to a different part it’ll simply show an error, try again doesn’t work and going back makes me have to retry (doesn’t work)
Only solution is to refresh

Yeah. Notifications also do this:

until you refresh the page. New replies on the topic also don’t show.

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Might be because of very extreme activity on a singular topic

Probably not. Discourse is used in a lot of places, not just for the dev forums.

Then I don’t know the problem, it’s very unlikely it’s actually for human review

When the site is experiencing unusually high levels of traffic we enable Human Verification to prevent bots from accessing the site.

If you refresh the page, you should be all set! Unless you’re a bot :upside_down_face:


I know where the traffic is coming from…


Seriously you need to take it down


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