Every single audio play when I join my game

Reproduction Steps

There’re not many ways to reproduce this issue, since it happens rarely, but it happens when you join this game sometimes:

(6) [:jack_o_lantern:] Creeper Chaos - Roblox

Expected Behavior

Me to join the game and not hear all these sounds.

Actual Behavior

ALL audio except the music plays, and in the server, it says this:

I don’t know why the music doesn’t all play at the same time, but the music folder is located right by the SFX folder in workspace, and this game is generally big, so I don’t slop around and play all the sounds when people join :confused:

Although the server says it couldn’t load the audio, the audio does play again normally.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2022-08-01 00:08:00 (-05:00)
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Hello there.
Any case u put all sounds on ‘Playing’ and/or ‘Looped’?

check if your sounds have PlayOnRemove enabled

I’ve been getting alot of reports of this from my game too and also encountered it rarely upon joining any game. I assume it is because of the new roblox launcher since it has alot of audio related bugs. (Probably from the way the launcher loads the audio assets?)

along with this bug, some of the audios will be muted after playing once.

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Thank you for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.

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Hey rubixxman; thanks for posting.

If a Sound has its Playing property set to true, it will be heard either immediately if it was already loaded (Sound.IsLoaded), or heard once it does load. It’s possible that when first joining that game, many of its sounds are already playing – if they all load at once, that might cause the behavior you are seeing

If Sound.Playing is false, I would not expect it to be heard.

The errors in the console are a little different – Unable to download sound data could occur due to the asset not existing, the experience not having permissions to use it, or general asset delivery instability. This isn’t necessarily related to scripted logic.