Every username is taken


Disagree, or else I would have been stuck with xXObliterationXx. Maybe a set number of name changes per year, 5 or so, but the more important focus is roblox re-releasing usernames for people to use them again.

I love runescapes idea, a letter a day. It sounds extremely fun and fulfilling to get a username that you really want, but at the same time, if the cap on username changes is active, then that’ll be even better in stopping people from grabbing all the usernames.


So many people suggest freeing up usernames from old/deleted/inactive accounts, but what’s preventing the same people taking good usernames now to also take those? It’s just going to give more usernames to the exact same people you’re trying to prevent from taking them. Even with restrictions on who the usernames will be available to, there are plenty of people with too much undevexable robux on Roblox.

Imo, if usernames are going to be handed out, it should be on a case by case basis, and for a reason other than “i want it”

Also, on the topic of limiting name changes, I can very easily see people hitting this cap if some new username feature comes out (like when underscores did) that would allow your username to be displayed in new ways, and you wanting to prevent impersonation.


I guess I struck gold with mine. :smile:


I think we should separate usernames and display names kinda like how Discord, Twitter, etc does. For example, my name would show up as “Tinarg” but it’d actually be Tinarg#8610816 or something similar.


And what I’m saying is that intending to use a common word or phrase anywhere is an exercise in futility. If someone wants to be “Car” on every website, they’re going to have a really bad time.

My username is my username simply because it wasn’t taken. There’s nothing special about it other than that I’ve been using it for the amount of time I’ve been on the website. What I have an attachment to is the identity my name represents on the website. Had it been taken already, I would have a different username right now. But it still would have the same amount of identity behind it, and therefore the same attachment. The particular sequence of letters was never really that interesting.

How true is that?

Usernames allow letters (26), numbers (10), underscores (1). Only a handful of old accounts have things like dots and spaces, so those are negligible. Usernames are 20 characters maximum, and 3 characters minimum, so we have (26+10+1)^20 - (26+10+1)^(3-1) usernames to choose from as an upper limit.

Now let’s try looking at a very simple subset: Letters only, and sequences with no more than one consonant (C) or vowel (V) in a row, which probably looks wordy enough in most cases. The sequences look like this:


Which turns into this (21 consonants, 5 vowels):

21 * 5 * 21 +
5 * 21 * 5 +
21 * 5 * 21 * 5 +
5 * 21 * 5 * 21 +

Extrapolating that to 10 characters yields 28,961,773,680 possible names. At 100 accounts per second, it would take around 9 years to snipe all those precious names. 12 characters gets us to 3,040,986,261,180. 9.5 years at 10,000/s. The maximum 20 characters yields 369,633,780,691,804,011,180. 11.7 years at 1 trillion accounts created per second. And that’s just alternating vowels and consonants. When you say it’s only going to get worse, you might be right. It will be interesting to see what Roblox comes up with to handle that increase in traffic.


That would lead to so much impersonation


I’m deeply sorry to annoy anyone for bumping this post after such a long time, but I feel too strongly to let the argument hang like this.

Finding a good username is not nearly as hard as you’d think. I created my current username, Chrythm, last year, and it’s pretty simple. There were plenty of other names I found and considered, too. If I was able to get this name on Minecraft a week ago, it’s possible to make an original username. The only difference is that nowadays, new usernames need to be more creative and unique. For example, in 2011 I was very invested in that game. I took “Creeper” and “rhythm” because music and creepers had a large impact on my creative influence, and combined them. Also switched the C and R because it looked weird…


At minimum to be able to submit a request to Roblox to manually review the account’s status and if the account is deemed inactive the account to be put in an inactive state where the username is take-able (for example if an account hasn’t been active for 8 years and clearly no longer gets involved or comes onto Roblox).


I have an account I haven’t touched in years. However, it has a lot of good items and frankly I’d not want the name on it to be available for anyone else to use. I’d assume others might be in the same scenerio.


If you’re not using the username then you’re taking up space for someone else, TL:DR if you’ve got an account you want, use it or lose it.


This is exactly the situation of the one I want. They havn’t been online since 2008, they have no valuable items NO ITEMS in their inventory. It really annoys me (the current username system that is) because even when someone changes their name permanently, their username is never removed from the list of ‘taken usernames’ - or so I’ve heard.