Every way to access CoreGui

Hello everyone,

I want to achieve a in-game system that will detect CoreGui exploits, I tried some methods ive learned from some topics. But they didn’t worked effectively aswell. I want to learn all the methods that will allow me to get in interaction with CoreGUI after all I just want to learn how to get descants of CoreGUI.

Any help would be appriciated about this.

Please do research before posting. Accessing CoreGui in localscript? - #19 by Sebastian_Wilson

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You can’t access CoreGui through anything other than PluginScripts.

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But there were methods ive seen like getting descants of game will return CoreGUI too.

I did but this script no longer works.

Its because Roblox has blocked all possible ways of accessing the CoreGuis. You cannot access the CoreGuis via any script.

ROBLOX doesn’t allow people to access the CoreGui for security reasons, and you shouldn’t really be relying on any method to access it; exploit developers can completely hide their GUIs from being seeable by normal Luau, and attempting to find a way to see them will not only be a waste of time as they’ll find another way around it, but ROBLOX will very likely patch it as through that same method you could access ROBLOX’s own GUI.

As it’s been said many times, client-sided security’s never a good idea simply due to how much power exploiters have over the client. It’s always much more worth your time to learn about / implement solid serversided security.

This is outdated, and doesn’t work.