Everythings gone. Its all over

Shortened: A not so funni loop “reset” everything so it has as much things as a Baseplate. This includes workspace, StarteeGui and many more.

I did a not so funny loop as a joke and i thought "this wouldn’t even work it would error (it did not). What’s the issue? I looped through the data model then looped through anything that was an instance then some other well written loops and i deleted everything… EVERYTHING my game now is as fresh as a baseplate… To make it worse the game wasnt running either play or run mode so it doesn’t automatically revert anything when you exit the running mode. I’ve had 7 days worth if progress… Can someone give me tips how to revert this?


Try getting it from your autosaves folder


My game didn’t auto save for some reason. I did try that


Had you saved/published it to Roblox previously?

Follow the steps here and see if you’re able to find anything. Roblox keeps a version history.


7 days and you havent saved the file once?


There’s a thing called Version History. Also, I suggest to not cry about deleting an unsaved file. In the command bar, :Destroy() is not something we play with…


This may be a rare occurrence, but I’ve had this exact issue happen to me twice ~5 years back. Both of these cases I was also trying to create/modify scripts, and it left me with no history in the autosave folder, and no idea what might have caused it. Though I have some questions.

  • What kind of “loop” do you mean exactly? If it was a script, what logic did you write in it?
  • Did you use free models with scripts? If so what were they?
  • Any plugins involved?

As for trying to recover your autosaves;

  • Have you also looked through your “RecentSaves” apart from Autosaves?
  • Find the autosave folder, right click, check properties and go to Previous Versions. In any chance that you did recently back up your PC you should see a restorable version that could be restored. You can also apply that for other relevant .rblx files and folders.

Another Hail Mary (and probably unhelpful, sadly) you could try is looking up a Data Recovery Software, however a lot of those are outright sketchy and blocked behind a paywall that are only apparent after you’ve downloaded it, so I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve been desperate enough to try some of them, and once out of dozens of attempts, it did work.

Best of luck.


I am very sorry for you to hear this, best of luck to you.


Did you searched version history of your place?, you can always return to any version in that list.


That seems a bit weird. Okay but as others have stated you should be able to look at previous game versions (because you claimed you had 7 days worth of progress and assuming youre not crazy and constantly work on it; it should’ve prompted you to save it).


Is this verison history on the cloud or is it the locally saved one in the folders? Because theres nothing in the folder kind if auto save. And also, everytime i boot up studio it always prompted with this auto saves kind of screen and i always pressed ignore… Did that affect anything?


Pretty sure the Version History tab is in your game’s stuff in the Creator Dashboard

Click on your experience → Manage Experience → Places → Version History → Press one of the little revert button things and revert it (if there are any)


Close the file without saving, and then open it again?


There should be a “Version History” tab when you go into your game. Go to “View on Roblox”, then go to “Configure Places”, and a list of versions should be there.

These saves are automatic, there would definitely be a point where your place was saved before whatever happened.


This does work but it didnt save the most recent work. Idk why but my auto save settings was every 4 hours… In the 2 hours before the code I wrote I wrote very important modules…

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Well, then that’s really unfortunate because I believe if it didn’t auto save past that last point; then that work is lost…

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Then use the latest version and try your best to get back to your actual last progress. It’s best to start off somewhere.

Good luck.


True i’ll just remake what i lost. I’ll mark a solution now


Just remembered: if you have OneDrive set up, you can go into your OneDrive recycle bin and check for any automatically deleted auto saves.


Can confirm.

Whereas saving your projects on your drive will overwrite your previous autosave, files sent to Onedrive’s recycle folder will stay there up to 30 days. You also have 5GB of free storage even without a subscription.