Everytime you rejoin the part color changes

Hey, here is a script that changes color everytime you rejoin, so when a player joins the game the part will have a color but the second time different color.

local Part = script.parent
while true do
  Part.BrickColor = BrickColor.Random()

the game must have only 1 player max for each server. This is because when everyone on the server leaves, the server resets everything. so if there are several players, it wouldn’t work very well

What exactly do you want now? Feedback or a better script?


local Part = game.Workspace.Part -- The Part

	Part.Color = Color3.fromRGB(math.random(1, 255), math.random(1, 255), math.random(1, 255))	
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this one is cool too!
i wanted a random part color by color3 also.

You should do a while true do, change colour every 5 seconds, :slight_smile:

i want discuss. dissscuss discuss yeah

uh what? so you have lots of parts? and pick a random part? to change the color to color3?

i dont think you have read everything

i am just saying your script was also good

I have :frowning: just saying to remove the server problem just change it every time someone leaves using player disconnect functions