Exact like and dislike counts for games

As a Roblox developer and player, it is currently too hard to view exactly how many likes and dislike a game has on mobile. On desktop you can see exact counts, but on mobile it only shows what percentage has liked the game and approximately how many votes that game has:

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development and playing experience on mobile. As a developer, I want to be able to view exact counts from my mobile device to know how my game is performing. As a player, I want to be able to view exact counts from my mobile device so I can decide whether to play a game or not.


I feel like this is an impractical request, you can do simple math (Like_Percentage/100) * UpVotes and you got the total likes and dislikes or go to the website on Mobile.

Mobile screens are small henceforth why Roblox UI/UX designer has chosen to display only the percentage, because the actual numbers don’t matter to 99% of users when the Rating Percentage is all they need

I’m eyeballing it at 1.2m likes and 300k dislikes


You should include some use cases, and an explanation of why the current method (accurate to the nearest % of total votes) is not good enough.

For example, what is your use case for needing to know there is a precise 301,283 dislikes, versus 300,000 dislikes, if they represent the same percentage to two or three significant figures?

Why should that be shown to every single player forcing smaller text or taking up more space on the screen?

Why would that change your perception of the game and your ability to judge its quality?

Your feature request should convince people it needs to be implemented and that it doesn’t worsen the experience for others.


Players couldn’t care less about the very specific number. The exact number is only useful for developers for statistical purposes.