Exceed Part size beyond 2048

Making a planet game is kinda difficult with 2048 size limit is there a way to bypass this or exceed the limit?


Unioning such big parts makes it smaller and im trying to make it spherical so unioning probably wouldnt bepossible

You can maybe import meshes from blender with a large scale.

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Use special meshes. You can extend their size.

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that makes it non collidable right?

I don’t know why it would. CanCollide is the only way to change that as far as I know.

i dont have blender but i have windoes 3d builder will roblox try to resize it?

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as far as i know you will fall trough the special mesh because it carries the parts hitbox

You will not fall through parts just because they have a special mesh in them.

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Yes that is because the part is around the same size as the scaled mesh we are talking huge structures i tested this and i went right trough the specialmesh

You can just duplicate it and put it next to it, will take 5 seconds and you have a 4096 size thing

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but that wont make it a perfect sphere

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I recommend that you export your model(s) at a mesh file of your choice (Right click on model(s) < Export Selection) and then upscale the model(s) in a third party program. You could even use a 3D printing program to do this, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. Then, insert a meshpart into whatever place you want your models to be located in and insert the upscaled mesh you created. Keep in mind that colors won’t carry over unless you use textures in programs like blender, but an alternative is to export all parts of the same color and material at the same time, and then move to the next color and material, etc.
Hope this helps!