Exceeding the group limit with Premium membership

Today I was making some groups and I like to have them all loaded up and ready to go so I can get back to back web IP’s. So I have AT&T and my main 5G wifi is down I have to use my back up 2.4G wifi. So with that saying things take longer so I uploaded all of them at once and when it did they must have gone though without stopping me from creating more even though I’m over 100 groups. As of right new I I’m in 103 groups. My profile will be linked down below.




  1. Open up multiple create group links in different tabs.

  2. Put all the info like icon, name etc.

  3. Go on a slower wifi or delay the loading speed for your browser.

  4. Upload all the groups at once before the website has time to load and send the info that you are max groups.

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Thanks for the report. This should be fixed now, let us know if you encounter any more issues.