Excel [VintoKrieg] Portfolio

About Me

Ello fellas. I’m a Free-lance Scripter/Programmer. My specialties fall in Cross-Platform integrations and script security and Optimisation. I’ve had 6 Years of development experience on Roblox, with my first 2 years being split between Building and Scripting, before I decided to specialise as a scripter and programmer.

I am an Aviation and Military enthusiast and enjoy working on Milsim or Ro-Nation projects more than anything, but over the years I’ve worked with ranges of groups and game makers, including Fantasy style game projects and Gameshow game projects.

I am currently working under Atlas (Formerly, Pure Development Studios) as a Senior Programmer and Head of Scripting and Programming.

My programming proficiencies are:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Lua

Beginning to learn:

  • Java
  • Php

Current Personal Projects:

I am currently working on 2 primary personal projects. These are:

  • Popper Bot System
  • Grid Realistic Electricity System

Popper Bot System
The Popper Bot System is a Cross platform system which aims to allow developers an automated method for script protection and licensing. This is in wake of the depreciation of Private Module Scripts by Roblox, leaving many systems and scripts to be venerable to unauthorised re-sale and replication. My system aims to protect scripts through multiple layers of security, including Encryption, Obfuscation and OAuth. The Systems is planned to be deployed across 3 main platforms. Roblox, Discord and Web, with possibilities for a Mobile Application for developer access in future.

Grid is a realistic Electricity System, allowing Ro-Nations and RP games to add another layer of realism to their communities by providing the requirement for Electricity and a National Grid. This system will work on a self-expansible network, with the ability to create rely on and create power stations, or simply use small scale generators to power lights, doors, and other in game electrical appliances.


You can view an expansive Portfolio here

For a full up to date portfolio, please contact me, as I am constantly working on new projects


Prices are negotiable and are different per job. This is decided by my perceived difficulty and complexity of the task, in addition to the raw magnitude of the task.

I accept payment in Robux or PayPal. Prices in Robux will be inflated, due to the cost and time required for me to cash out my Robux.


I do not typically come onto the Developer Forum, so please contact me on Discord at Excel#0001

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Rating: 5.5/10

Good things:

  • He worked on the project. (Given +0)
  • He was enthusiastic about the game. (Appreciated +2.5)
  • He wanted to make more suggestions and used his past knowledge of development to assist him in performing advanced scripting. (+3)
  • He used help from others to complete the project, telling me he wanted to do it and didn’t want to give up. (+4)


  • When I’d talk to him regarding a matter, he would not respond immediately or even within the hour most of the time. Sometimes he replied 1-2 days later, with an excuse that this happened. This happened several times. He definitely needs to work on his communication skills. (-3)
  • Taking too much time. I understand that programming takes time and effort to complete and master. But when the job isn’t really that hard and as a programmer, even I could do it in under half the time he could do it, even though I have less experience then him. He could possibly work on focusing more on the project. (-1)

Total: 5.5/10

Otherwise, I enjoyed working with him and he was a great addition to the team, when needed. He could work on some communication, concentration and teamwork overall. Thanks for everything!