Exception when signalling bad allocation lua

Hi I was wondering what this means. It’s been popping up a lot and I have no idea why.


What is the memory usage for Studio when you’re using play solo mode and the allocation errors begin occurring? Also, are you using Windows?

Never over 2GB. And yes, Windows 10 64 bit.

Alright, so it sounds like it may not be a memory allocation issue then. If your memory usage was more than 3GB, then there was a good chance these are memory allocation errors since Studio on Windows is only a 32bit application.

Do these errors occur only when in Studio?

Also, are you using any of the functions SavePlaceAsync, CreatePlaceAsync, or CreatePlaceInPlayerInventoryAsync?

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I only ever run this code on Studio. I don’t use any of those functions.

Alright, in that case, I’m not sure of what else could be causing the bad allocation errors since it doesn’t appear to be being caused by the 4G memory limit on Studio or the smaller memory limit for saving places by using the AssetService API.

It may be best if a Roblox engineer looks into this as you may have found an internal issue within the game engine.

Hi, ScriptOn,

Once that problem occurs again, please don’t close Studio, and could you give me the log file and the full dump file for Studio? Let me try to see if any clue can be found from there:-)
The way to generate full dump file can be found from below:

Thanks a lot for your kind helps!