Excessive Publish Times + Unable to Publish to Roblox

Any time I try “Publish to Roblox” or “Publish to Roblox As” I get excessive publish times of up to 2 minutes and then a popup as well out output saying I “Failed to Publish.” I have checked my internet connection and it is stable. I just recently updated my studio today and it has happened since then.

I am running MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 and this bug is place-specific. I cannot reproduce it in any place but one.

Simple Reproduce steps:

  1. Click File
  2. Click Publish to Roblox
  3. Wait and see :frowning:

This is really frustrating considering I am making significant code changes and I can’t get them uploaded to Roblox. :confused:


I tried uninstall/reinstall Roblox Studio and the same bug persists.

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If you could please follow this post: How to post a Bug Report for how to find and send your logs for a session where you’re unable to publish that would be helpful in finding a resolution.



I sent my log file to the message group containing Roblox staff last night. Luckily, the bug is no longer persisting following a Roblox Studio update and this thread can be closed. Thank you!

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