Exchange the colour of the Script and Local Script under the Model Tab in studio

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to distinguish the script type in the Model Tab -> Advanced section of studio when inserting a script.

It has become a practice especially with developers who use Accurate Play Solo that Green represents the server side and Blue represents the client side, however in the Advanced section of the Model tab, the script colours of Local Script and Script are opposite as to what the Accurate Play Solo represents.

The images below show the current colours of the Local Script and Script

The images below show the current colours of the Server side and Client side of Accurate Play Solo


Make the colours that represent the client and server consistent with the script colours in Model Tab -> Advanced and all future references that will represent the client and server. If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would make the Script and Local Script under the Model Tab easier to tell apart and would reduce the mistakes made when inserting scripts from the same location.


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This is reasonable, we will look into making this happen.

I don’t believe we have these colors in any other location, but let us know if you find them elsewhere.


Another little attention to detail would be the colour of Replicated First, Replicated Storage, Server Script Service and Server Storage.


  1. The Replicated First/Storage icon has two servers connected with a red arrow, I think it would be cool if one of those servers would be green to represent the game server.

  2. The Server Storage and Server Script Service containers are dedicated to the game server, so I believe these should be green as well.