Exedus // Map Builder & Modeler Portfolio

Biography of myself.

Hey there! My name is Exedus, or, ExedusDev. I have been building on Roblox Studios for around a year or so now. I have done many commissions in my past but now I am making an official portfolio for my work. I joined Roblox in December 2019 as I wanted to get into game design and creating immersive worlds that focus on player experience. Since then, I have been working hard on building up my portfolio and now I want to finally share it here on the DevForum.

Here are a few examples of my past work.

Simulator Maps
Small Maps

Map #1

Map #2

Map #3

Medium Maps

Map #1

Map #2

Map #3

Large Maps

Map #1

Ocean Clickers

Main Map

Zone #1

Zone #2

Zone #3

Zone #4

Zone #5

Zone #6

Lobby Maps
DropBlox Hangout Lobby



KaBoom! Lobby

Random Maps
Stranded Islands

Old Ligting

New Lighting

Small Forest


Nature Assets

Random Practise Assets

Blocky Island Packs


(More will be coming soon)

How long could my maps take?

The amount of time a map takes to make entirely depends on the theme and the size of the map. Small maps could take 1 - 3 days, Medium maps could take up to 4 days and large maps could take up to 7 days to create.

Ordering Multiple Maps at a time.

First of all, yes, you can order multiple maps, but there is a limit.
You can order 5 smalls at a time. You can order 3 mediums at a time and you can only order one large map at a time.

Pricing Sheet:

How can I contact you?

If you would like to order a map from me, there are two options.
Contact me from me on Discord: Exedus#5888
Contact me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExedusDev

If you wish to see more of my work, follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExedusDev


I can definitely vouch for Exedus, fast delivery, and high quality!


Really nice builds! One of the best I’ve seen in a while, good luck!

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Exedus makes high-quality, aesthetically pleasing maps. Vouch.

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Very good and high quality maps. Definitely recommend

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Definitely order from Exedus. I have not personally ordered from him but I have interacted with him and he’s a really cool guy, and his work is extremely good (especially the island one – that one took my breath away).


Sick portfolio! Haven’t ordered from Exedus but his modelling work is next level! Highly recommend!

Also, might want to fix

Old Ligting

Under Random maps, Stranded Islands

Great work @ExedusDev !


This is some great work – I can definitely see front page games with your builds!


How much are assets (trees)? Your price doesn’t list a cost and I can’t imagine a tree pack would cost 30K ROBUX lol.

Definitely recommend! One of the best low poly builders/modelers on Roblox. :smile: :+1:

(Commissioned the KaBoom lobby)

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Don’t know how to edit these posts, so here is my latest 700x700 Lifting Sim map commission!


They look really good i will definatly hire you when i can pay more than percentages lol!

Dm’ed on Discord. Interested! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello, I’m interested can you add me on discord? Polaris#8465

Are you still open to doing commissions?

Contacted you via Discord, hoping to see a response soon!

Great work! I love your Low Poly maps and everything!

wow your portafolio seems pretty cool

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i can tell you watch robuilder XD