Exelar XLR // 3D Modeler and Renderer for hire



Exelar XLR

While I’m mostly known for my render heavy game covers, I also offer 3D models for both in-game use and Marketing purposes. I’ve worked for Robeats, Phantom Forces, Operation Scorpion, Wild revolvers, and many others.

I’ve produced most of my works with Cinema 4D, Blender, and Substance Painter. I’m primarily looking for long-term projects where I could create mesh assets and any art the game would demand for a percentage but small orders are welcomed as well.$


Thumbnail gallery

Model Examples


Flexible aesthetic


Even more??



I’m on the Eastern timezone, usually available during the weekdays really late at night :frowning:


I’m open to percentages and contract work, USD or ROBUX.


Discord Exelar#6952
Or message me here on Devforums


+1 for exelar. Made the current robeats thumbnails.


Amazing artwork. If you’re looking for the best, you’re on the right place.
Not only makes you an amazing thumbnail but also includes an unique game icon.

King of Pirates Thumbnail and Game Icon


Amazing renders i didn’t know you put so much time to do this keep it up.


Exelar has been doing this stuff for ages and is one of the reasons I got into GFX. His prices are VERY reasonable for the insane amount of time and effort he puts into his work. I highly recommend him.


I love this dude. He is very professional and easy to work with!


My eyes, this is just beautiful


I dont know how you do this, but simply WOW. I’ll for sure be hiring you if you’re still available in the future. In terms of prices, how much does a thumbnail cost?