Exhausted Execution: Maximum variables

Hey all! Recently I went onto the talent hub and bought scripting services since my project is too large for just one person to properly maintain.

The script, on his end, worked. I saw it worked as well. I sent him the R$2500 and he sent me the script. Went to bed, woke up; went onto studio and copied the script.

Turns out I’ve been totally scammed! No idea why he has done this. Anyway, the script SHOULD work but hes added several variables and now he has blocked me on all platforms.

I am getting Exhausted execution because my script has too many variables! Is there an automatic way to shorten the script and decrease variable count to allow it to run? Thanks!

It’s odd that they would have it work on their end, then not give you the functioning code.

Can you send the code you are dealing with, either in reply to this or as a DM? Ill see if I can figure out the overall issue and if I can automate the fixing thing

Turns out he stole code from a game. I’ll contact support later.

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