Exhaustion - Post-apocalyptic showcase

After a long period of inactivity, I decided to come back and recreate a post-apocalyptic city as I have been wanting to do after my showcase Forgotten Memories achieved almost 500k+ visits!

This is a more modern approach using newer ROBLOX features to showcase what the engine is capable of!

Please favorite and like and spread the word if you enjoy it, it means a lot!


Wow amazing work, I’m blown away

also the lag, rip my computer lol

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Thanks! It’s definitely a lot larger than my last showcase, so a tad more lag. Beauty comes at a cost

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Looks good man. Kind of reminds me of a showcase I made two years ago. [https://www.roblox.com/games/241492468/Showcase-Lincoln] I was kinda going for the same idea you went for in this showcase but different at the same time, idk. Lol. Overall good work man.

On a side note; I used to be obsessed with your Forgotten Memories Showcase. I too based my showcase off of the Last of Us. Stellar work.

That’s awesome! I actually have played your Lincoln showcase a while back. I went through so many different styles with my forgotten memories showcase. When roblox came out with unions and meshes, I wanted to make a new build that made use of the new features thus this new showcase lol

Yeah, your use of the new custom mesh feature was really well done. All of the greenery you added all over the map really helped make it seem very realistic. I wouldn’t mind getting some tips from you sometime down the road [where to find meshes like that, and how you did your new trees]. Ultimately its up to you if you don’t mind giving me some tips, but I would really appreciate that. I too want to remake my old showcase again. Once again, very nice work on the new map man.

I’d be up for that. I’m usually always on discord when I’m working in studio. Feel free to add me if you have MANGO#4381

WOW! This right here requires lots of motivation! This is great, I myself am also a Showcase builder, feel free to check out my showcase if you’d like! Great work.

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