"Exile User" button is visible even when the player has left

It seems that, fairly recently, the “Exile User” button is present on a wall post even when the user is not in the group. This happens on every group I have permissions on. I would normally expect the button to disappear if it would have no effect.



I’ve noticed this for a while, imo, it’s still useful because it works similar to Discord’s ban feature where it removes their post.

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This has been an issue for at least two years actually.

Are you certain? I’ve never noticed it until recently.

I noticed it immediately when I came back to Roblox last last summer.


I believe this is intentional incase a person spams 40 posts, it would be easy to delete all posts at once by exiling.

This could certainly be the case, but if this is true, it should change from Exile User to Delete All User Posts as to not be misleading.