Existing ScrollingFrames now default to Y scrolling direction

It seems as though a ScrollingDirection enum was recently introduced. The introduction of this enum has seemingly caused all existing ScrollingFrames on Roblox to be defaulted to Y scrolling unless manually changed to X scrolling. Therefor breaking all previous ScrollingFrames on Roblox that scrolled along the X axis.

It seems as though the default value should have been set to XY not Y.
This could have a major impact on old games that won’t be updated.

I have only had reports of this today, and heard similar from a few other developers. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Construction seems to default to XY for me in studio, is there a repro for this?

Old saves seem to be defaulting to XY. However I have had to push updates to two live games that had this issue and I’m positive they had defaulted to Y scrolling. Both were using team create. I’ll see if I can find a replica.

Going back to a previous version of this game (v128) introduces the bug:

Here’s a model of the GUI although I’m not sure if it’s of much use.
StoreGui.rbxm (16.4 KB)
ScrollingFrame can be found in:
BackgroundScale -> Boats -> ScrollingFrame
BackgroundScale -> Armory -> ScrollingFrame
In game these ScrollingFrames grow in size along the X direction as items are loaded into it.

It seems like any file that was saved within a certain time period (presumably, between when ScrollingDirection was added to the client and when it was actually enabled for use) had all ScrollingFrames defaulted to Y scrolling direction.

This place of mine (updated 3/27/2018) has all ScrollingFrames set to Y scrolling: https://www.roblox.com/games/9689581/Roblox-High-School

But this older place of mine (updated 9/2/2017) still has its ScrollingFrames set to XY scrolling: https://www.roblox.com/games/177543484/Sharpshooter-Mines

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Yeah, my place defaulted all mine to Y when I had a few that were supposed to be x (hence why XY works). So I just fixed it today and turn it to X