Exolyite's Portfolio | Builder and Modeler [OPEN]

Hello! My name is Exolyite and I am a builder and modeler. I’ve been developing on Roblox for over two years, I mostly focus on low poly builds but I can build high-medium poly aswell. I use Blender and Roblox Studio for all my buildings/models.

These are only a few examples of my work.

Low poly maps/models

High-medium poly builds

I am available 2-3 hours everyday, it may depend if something intervenes.

We will negotiate a price in DM’s. I accept robux or real life money through Paypal. For T-Shirts or gamepasses you need to cover the tax fee (30%).

You can contact me here on DevForum or on Discord, my tag is dani.#5772 .
Note: Right now I can’t take big commission/projects.


I am interrested! I sen’t you a friend request on discord. :slight_smile: