Expand the Game Explorer's "Assets" folder use

While making changes to individual places in Roblox, I’m constantly creating unique assets; Meshes, models, enemies, textures and animations. However, when I want to use them I need to search through My Models, My Decals just to add something I already have in the game, into the game. I’d like to be able to add assets I’ve already uploaded to roblox into this, as there are many times where assets can cross over between games (Art styles, sequels, ect)

At the moment I can only make new assets, and those are limited to decals and meshes. I’d like to have a folder for all the assets I use, regardless of whether they were made specifically for one game. I also think it would become a more useful feature.


As a Roblox developer, it is currently very hard and annoying to manage and handle all my animations no matter how well I descriptively name them.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I wouldn’t have to keep scrolling down and wait for everything to load or trying to find an animation.

This makes it useful for probably most developers because they usually have one group that manages multiple games. This would make it very useful to let the developers name folders (possibly after their game name) and place the animations inside the folders. This would be really useful to help organise all your animations because right now it is really hard to find your animations if you have a 50-100>.

When creating an animation from long ago and you realise you need to change the priority, want to name a keyframe etcetera: then you need to import it into the animation editor but this can take much much longer than wanted and can become an eyesore. This is because you have to keep scrolling down and keep scrolling down and you have to keep a careful eye out for the name of the animation and it is very ugly in my opinion.

This would be very useful for all developers out there because of how easy it would be to organise your animations. This feature wouldn’t even have to be for animations, this could be for images, sounds, meshes and more. This could be applied to the Game Explorer view which already has some sort of folder system specific to that game.

In conclusion, these would be amazing for organisation and saving a lot of time.