Expected identifier when parsing expression, got ')'

I just updated the game, but all of a sudden this script throws a fatal error: Expected identifier when parsing expression, got ‘)’. Anyone know the cause?

Can you send the full script, but not an image?

are you trying to fire an BindableEvent?

If I am understanding correctly, you are trying to fire a remote event on the client, and have something happen on the server.

If this is the case, then your Remote Event Syntax is incorrect, instead of

game.ReplicatedStorage.SwordDamage.Event:Connect(function(player, arguments)


it should be

SwordDamage.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, arguments)


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add another ) on the end of line 20

That wouldn’t do anything, I am assuming he is closing the function out if frame.

Not necessarily; It wouldn’t show the “Event” event if it wasn’t a BinableEvent.

??? what??

i think it was roblox studio bug i just re-opened the roblox studio and the script changed like this picture

I also have a similar bug, multiple lines of code does not show. But I fix it by reopening the script.