Experience Questionnaire Update - Age Recommendation Preview

Why is it roblox’s job to regulate what is violence vs reality its up to a user’s parents to make sure they know what games their children are playing, a site such as roblox is not going to introduce a life of violence and crime.

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I don’t understand why a lot of people here think this is a bad update. I’m very happy that this is finally coming out, because this is most likely the first step of allowing games to give their own age ratings. This update has been announced 4 years ago in RDC 2018.

I’m hoping that this will mean that Roblox is attempting to allow developers to create more mature games aimed for teens and adults. It shouldn’t mean that kids are left out, and there will always be plenty of games that kids can enjoy.

Also, a lot of people seem to feel as if parents are required to choose. I highly believe that playing mature games above an age limit will require ID verification.


this will probably be really helpful for some developers like myself

reading properly this is terrible only a certain few get it!

The paid random items and paid trading does this mean:
A. Paid with Robux?
B. Paid with A currency that costs Robux to obtain
C. A and B
D. A and B and currencies in game that can’t be purchased with Robux.

That’s what I wonder, so I know what to restrict in our games.

As there’s digging in one of our games that has a chance of rewarding something. But you don’t need Robux or any purchase currency with Robux to dig.

Would that also count?


As a small note this post is about the Age Recommendation Preview, not the previous release of the Content Policies for purcahses and might be better suited elsewhere.

To answer your question though Paid Random Items and Paid Trading means obtainable through real world transaction. If I can buy an item with Robux, or a currency that can be obtained with Robux, than that item is a Paid Item.

Any item that can be traced to a real world currency exchange is paid. It doesn’t matter how many steps are inbetween. So for example, let’s say I have an item called Epic Sword which can be earned from a quest, purchased with currency from an event, or purchased using a “premium currency” that you buy with R$.

I could, in theory, tag all of them bought through premium currency as “Paid” with a boolean worth of metadata stored with them. All trades need to respect if the item has that flag, and the user is not allowed to trade paid items. Otherwise it’s likely easier to keep Epic Sword as an item from my events and Awesome Sword as premium and not allow trading of Awesome Sword if the user can’t trade paid items.

Hope that helps.


Why are these left intentionally ambiguous or are confusing?

What are nonviolent adversarial games?

  • Chess? Turn based strategy/games? stuff like fencing?

How infrequent is infrequent violence?

  • 30 seconds? 1 minute? Whenever the player wants?

What if you’re using less gore than “Mild” Violence intends?

  • No blood usage or no gore

Shouldn’t this lower the supposed age restriction? If so why isn’t there an option for it?
There should be some ⓘ thing to hover over for clarification on these type of things tbh


This is pretty useful if I try to make the experiences available around the world!
I also hope the age ratings can roll out soon!

But there some issues still,
Japan also have a loot box / Gacha (ガチャ) law, which lead the developers add the items rarity and the percentage to be more clear to player. Example: Pet Simulator X and more…


I have waited so long for this.
Now we can actually properly warn players if a game contains blood/gore or other scary elements.

I’ve waited very long for this feature and I hope it’ll get better as time goes on.
I wonder why this wasn’t a thing yet in 2017 - 2018 or something?
I think Roblox was already pretty large back then
and people have already been making horror/fighting games probably long before 2013 even.

Will we eventually maybe get 16+ for games that are exceptionally violent or have dark/disturbing themes?
I’d honestly love to see some games maybe with some story/narrative that dive into deeper/darker themes, maybe mixed with psychological horror.

These games probably already exist on Roblox but are still limited to not being allowed/able to cross the PG-13 mark and are usually very unpopular/hidden masterpieces.


Could you instead blocking the whole game, just block the lootbox features? This is kinda dumb for people in Belgium and Netherlands who cannot wy their favorites gsmes because of there are lootboxes in the game.


For loot box games: The countermeasure function should be added.
Kreek created a video about this.


This is already in the community standards, paid-random-items must have their odds stated.

This was possible (at least in the old questionnaire), you are able to use PolicyService. After clicking yes, you’ll likely be prompted with whether you are using PolicyService and if so, it will not block your game. (don’t quote me on this, as I am unsure if it still does)


Nice to see this feature is coming soon to the platform after so much waiting. This could be a pretty useful feature for both parents and regular users for managing what games they’re recommended.


i have been waiting so long for this feature, AND ITS FINALLY COMING.

i have been working on a game, and even the probability that i can put swear words is amazing, considering the fact i always wanted to make an edgy game but i only know how to make games in roblox.

this is a dream come true.


This seems like an interesting update. I do have a question though. Do to intend to make it so people can manually choose an age as well? For instance, I have an experience which has zero blood nor any purchases, and even though it would qualify as all ages, I’d rather be for 13+ users. Would there be a way to manually set the age limit of an experience manually or not? Thank you.


Hi, I have a couple of questions about the age recommendation preview.

  1. You mention that age recommendations and descriptors will be added to parental controls. What are the defaults? For example, would an account which is under 9 be unable to see experiences rated 9+ by default? Or would the parent/guardian have to manually disallow it?

  2. Will we be seeing an update to PolicyService which allows us to query which age recommendations and/or descriptors an account has blocked? I have a game which has optional blood effects which are turned off by default. I would like to disable this setting entirely for accounts under 9 and/or with the ‘blood’ descriptor blocked instead of having the game be tagged with ‘blood’.


Took far too long for this to happen, disappointing.

But my experience is still inaccessible to QA thingy.

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This is good because ‘any age’ games don’t need blood in them. If you don’t want to have the limited audience, don’t add it to your game.


Yes, but in that case, you were not abiding by the standard rules right? If a kid at the age of 9 wanted to play a 13+ game, they can just create an account that fakes their age.