Experience search having issues

Seems like Jailbreaks search has been fixed, however the search for my game is yet to be fixed.


Seems like they are slowly reverting the search results hopefully everything will be back to normal soon


Finally, after 10 hours the search works again, and I can now see my game.

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Unfortunately, I still cannot see my game. I am hoping that this will be addressed soon, happy to see that Roblox is making progress.

That is not true. Other games are still affected, your game is not the only one affected. Some sorts are still not what they used to be.

If we take the mobile sorts, it appears that some games got on there that was not supposed to. It looks like the Up-and-Coming sort on mobile is slowly being adjusted.


You’re right, my game is not the only one affected, my mistake. Hopefully it gets fixed for other people aswell, this has been a very frustrating day for us all.

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The status page has been updated to state that the problem was solved.

It hasn’t been solved. My game and many others are still not being indexed.


I just checked and they said they solved it, but it’s not solved.


How it was and supposed to be:

I worked really hard to get my store high in the search results, and now you can’t find it anywhere? (Soe. Clothing Mall)

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Some sorts are not resolved even when it says it is. My associate’s game 2 Player Poppy Tycoon was on the mobile sort Up-and-Coming since thursday, now it is not anymore :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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Omg that’s really sad to hear! They better fix everything back to normal as soon as possible, because this is not good…

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i just checked and my game (Bloxikin Islands) still can’t be found on the search, hoping this can be fixed soon


Update: while most experiences have had their discovery signals restored, we are still doing work to restore discovery for all experiences. You may see some experiences have popped back up in search and others may not have yet. We’ll update the thread again when the issue is completely resolved.


Is this going to end up killing my game after it not showing up for 12+ hours?

Will it appear on the same position it used to be before it was removed?

I just ran 100k+ and my friend ran 80k+ on my new game on sponsors. Since there are other players in the game while sponsors are running, this helps other players searching see that there are players in it and having fun.

Once you get players in the game, and climb the search page for commonly searched words (like minigames) it is really demotivating when you are removed from a commonly searched word, and might not get players after this because there are not any current players.

Maybe I will luck out, and my game wont die, but I am now out of funding.

Is there a way roblox can support me, and I am sure many other developers that had issues today? I know it is hard to do anything, when everybody is effected, but it will take me another 3+ months to get the 100k I had, and my game was starting to do better, and climb the search page.

If there is nothing you can do, I understand that everybody was effected by this, and it wouldnt be good to give every developer effected expected money, or ad refunds, because that just makes the big roblox games be able to run a ton of ads, and I also understand how it wouldn’t be fair just to only give me a refund or something of that sort.

If you can think of something though, let me know as I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, IsNotJail.


Having this same issue. Lost Garden’s HomeStore has completely disappeared from the “HomeStore” search results and now we are losing players and revenue because of it.

Hope this can be resolved soon.


Same here with my homestore :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

EXACTLY The same thing for me. My game can’t be found anymore, and I have a tycoon as well with 100+ concurrent.
Link (for Roblox Engineers): Garden Tycoon [PETS] - Roblox

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Mine got fixed! I hope everyone get there games back in the search asap!


Same with mine, i think. :smiley: I was so nervous

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My game is back in the search but im still not findable under “Tycoon” or “Tycoons”, I was there some days ago. Can you please fix that?
My game: Garden Tycoon

Wow, and I thought I sponsored a lot! Sorry to see that happen to you. How many players did you get from that sponsor during the outage, may I ask?