Experience search having issues

Game search results appear to be broken again, try searching your game and see if it shows up.

For example if you search for ‘Pet Simulator X!’ a bunch of fake scam games show up.

Edit: there is also a lot of games currently missing from the front page


Yes, I am experiencing this bug also. Ontop of that, my front page is bugged and is only showing 5 or 6 games in sorts where there could be more than 10


A lot of games don’t show up in the search filter including original popular games.

Our game was always first in the search filter aswell but now it’s also gone for no reason.


Can confirm this. My game “Escape The World Obby” used to rank quite high on related search results. Now it’s totally gone, even when searching the full name.
Countless of other popular games (Jailbreak, Escape Prison Obby, Tropical Resort Tycoon, …) are having the same issue. Hope Roblox can fix it soon :grimacing:


My game was literally the first search result, and had an icon which is twice the size of the normal one.




Original games cannot be found anymore, it shows the copy-pasted fake games, example:
Searching for arsenal used to show arsenal at the top, but now it only shows the copies.

Apart from that, in the categories on the front page, it doesnt show many games, it only shows a few games, where before there were somewhere near 12, and now in many categories it shows less than 6.

This continues even in the “view all” page for each category.
Some game icons on the front page are also blacked out for some reason, not sure if thats related but its still weird.


Seems like Bloxburg is unaffected for some reason… even though both my game and Bloxburg have the larger name plate to signify that it’s legitimate. I’m baffled and frustrated, I’m losing valuable revenue which comes from people discovering my game both from sponsors and search.

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Yeah even really famous and verified games are disappearing. And others aren’t. So I don’t know what’s happening.
I think it might have something to do with sponsorships not working either. So roblox quickly disabled everyone from making new sponsors to avoid more games getting this bug.
But games that already had sponsors running, are now experiencing the bug anyways. Did you have sponsors running too?

Thanks for the report, our teams are looking into it at the moment.

http://status.roblox.com/ has been updated to reflect the current status.


I am also having this bug, like 60% of my games have just disappeared from search results and some of them heavily relied on search results to get a decent player count

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Yea I have the same problem here, most of the players find my game with the search so they really need to fix this soon. You can’t even find Pet Simulator X.

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I am having a hard time understanding why my game doesn’t show up. I released my game 1 week ago and the game was searchable till yesterday under Tycoon but now the game is unbelievable hard to find. There is no way to search for the game, it just doesn’t show up under anything I search. It’s like the game got removed from Roblox, I used to have 500+ players now it’s about 200


:pray: thanks hopefully everything is back to normal soon

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A lot of games was taken off the front page, some people worked hard getting up there, spending much time and money to reach those spots.

The internal team should consider reverting the games back to what it was a day or two days ago.

From what I have seen a lot of games gained an unfair advantage, since less games are shown right now. A game that normally has 400 players has 1800 now…

And what will happen to the people who sponsored their games?


Yes this is very true, I have been looking at games on the site and due to this bug some games have seen a 3X gain in concurrent players due to other games being almost impossible to find

I sponsored my game too today. I hope that we get some form of compensation for this.

I had 300,000+ ROBUX In ads today and this has just happened.

I highly doubt this was unintentional as other games have received MAJOR player boosts? Was this an attempt to remove some creators?

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I somewhat doubt that as many reputable games are also undergoing this same problem, if anything the reputable games seem to be getting hidden and the dodgy/scam type games are getting promoted more as this bug is happening atm

Edit: SPOOKY🎃Ninja Tycoon (v4.2) - Roblox

This game above was getting around 17K hourly visits yesterday, now out of nowhere it is getting almost 95K hourly visits.

I have a feeling the algorithms have broke

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Engineering companies don’t make changes in the middle of a night on a Saturday.

Don’t make up crazy conspiracy stories, be constructive in your feedback.