Experience with almost 950K visits stopped showing up in the search results

Recently my experience has stopped showing up in the search results, which caused over 500 new players per day to fell down to less than 100.

I haven’t published any update for a few months already tho

What could cause this?


I have no idea how the search works (more in my case doesn’t) but I would recommend try updating to see if that helps. Just something small to give it a freshness boost. Not sure if that’s a factor at all but it can’t hurt to try. Good luck. Please report back if it works or not. How long has it been out of the search results?

Have you tried to search up the experience with its first word? Maybe it should appear somewhere once doing so. If not, then this is can be a bug within the Roblox website and you can actually report to @Bug-Support team.

Hello @vfx_1, this problem has happened with a game I was developing as well. What I did was, that I added tags to the game, that was relevant. It helped the game grow back, and the problem was fixed.

Other than that, I never found out what the actual problem was and why it had happened.

Overall, I agree with @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX, if these suggestions don’t work then try contacting the @Bug-Support team and they can help you out.

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Hi, the game already has tags, but anyways thank you.

Putting excessive tags in your description like “tags: simulator, […]” you get the point.

Same thing happened to my website shortly after I made some big changes to the hosting software and server.

It never recovered its SEO. The falloff in impressions reported by GSC was staged by a couple of weeks so I am no closer to understanding the exact reason. I came to Roblox having given up on the mysteries of Google’s SEO algorithm.

Now I make changes very slowly to try and observe effects individually.

Please let us know what you find.

This is now fixed, it seems like it was an issue of mass translations.

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