Experienced animator up for hire

About Me

Hello, I’ve made a portfilio before but I thought why not make a more up to date detailed one.
My name is JUBBIGT I work for verious games on roblox and are one of the upcoming animators. I work detailed and can rig models up to 800 parts. [it gets laggy after that] Im currently 16.
My goal is to look for big studios that wouldnt mind picking up a animator/rigger.
I am very creative when it comes to animation. Anyways thats kinda all info.


Here are a few animations


Im always available, except for when I sleep. I dont go to school I work from home.
Due to I the massive amount of bullying I got. And a bunch of other stuff going on around my life right now.
Preferably I wont talk about it. I am open to questions though


I am taking most likely anything I can get, however I am more happy in USD than robux.

Games I worked for / work for

Hero havoc, Boku no roblox remastered, Ghouls bloody nights, Attack on titan Project, [These are the highlights of my career so far]


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord my disc tag is JUBB#4789 also comment down here if you are intrested and tell me about your studio etc etc.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: