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Hey! I am a 19 year old Dutch developer working part time on Roblox. I have been on this platform for almost 8 years and have been developing for around half of that time. I am a builder who specialises in almost every building style there is and have a lot of experience with just about any genre on the platform. I am currently developing my skills in Modelling and optimizing maps.

Noticeable games I have contributed to over my time as a developer are listed below. In total I’ve contributed to games with a combined 900+ million visits.

A Bizzare Day - 300.7M Visits :star:
A Universal Time - 660.2M Visits :star:
Jojo: Crusaders’s Heaven - 81.1M Visits :star:
Stand Upright Rebooted - 87.4M Visits :star:
Goofy Arena - 5.6M Visits :star:

[ • ] Showcase

Jujutsu Battlegrounds

Phantom Ball

Colosseum Battlegrounds


Deepwoken Style

Low Poly

One Piece Islands

Jujutsu Kaisen Ranked Maps

Asoria Revamp

Dragon Ball

Demon Slayer City

Hidden Leaf Village

Stylized Environment

Unlimited Blade Works

[ • ] My Skill set as a Developer

  • Experience in development teams
  • 4 years experience with world building and enviromental design within studio.
  • Ability to design complex and large scaled maps.
  • Very good at organization. Ex organisation within studio folders.
  • Communication with clients to get desired outcome.

[ • ] Noteable projects

A Bizzare Day

On A Bizzare Day I worked on both the main map and the SBR map. Unfortunately the SBR map was never used though the main map remains to this day. There is also the dreamworld but this was never used.

A Universal Time

At AUT I made the first NU map as well as a couple ranked maps. Some of these are still in the game to this day.

Jojo: Crusaders Heaven

Stand Upright Rebooted

Goofy Arena

[ • ] Pricing

I accept both ROBUX and USD payments converted using Dev X rates. My minimum pricing is $100 USD / 30K ROBUX for standard games. Depending on the map, size and required time this may increase.

My prices for smaller maps range from $30 USD - $75 USD.

I accept % but only if the game CAN GUARANTEE SUCCESS.

[ • ] Terms and Services

I do not work full time and am not available 24/7.
I take 50% of payment before I start working.
USD payment must be made through paypal.
No changing ideas mid way, must have a clear vision of what you want.

[ • ] Contact

You can contact me through here or below. When contacting me please have a general idea but preferably as detailed as possible. General information is needed.

  • Map references / Map Style
  • Map Details
  • Preferably an organized document (showing an estimate on what is expected from me)
  • Budget (What you are willing to pay)
  • Timeframe (When you would like the map finished by)

Discord: KyojiDev
Devforum: @KyojiDev
Roblox: KyojiDev [him - Roblox]
Twitter: @KyojiDev [https://twitter.com/KyojiDev]