Experienced Builder for Hire! (Quick Turnaround, USD)



Hi! I’m an experienced builder looking for work. I have been on Roblox since 2011, and I’ve been building since late 2012. I work quickly and specialize in shorter projects.

I’m good at:

  • Architecture
  • Interiors
  • Meshes
  • Small, oddly-shaped areas

I’m not good at:

  • Organic things
  • Vehicles
  • Fancy things


Large Warehouse. This is a great example of my ability to create a large structure with a mostly unified aesthetic. The game was created mostly over the course of a couple of days… also, I love the way the outlines look on the driveway.

Dorm Room. This is a short project of mine that only lasted about 2 days, and it demonstrates my capability to thoroughly fill a space with detail. I REALLY love the laptop.

Wolf Gardens. This is an entire roller coaster park I built. This is an example of my ability to build a roller coaster. You can access it by clicking the proper thumbnail inside of the game.

Large, Low-poly Buildings. This is a variety of buildings I built that are designed to fit together on a grid composed of 100x100 tiles. It’s a good example of my ability to

create large structures that don’t impact performance.

Convenience Store. This is a demonstration of properly combining an interior with an exterior. Either sides of the wall are different, but they fit together cohesively. I also took the opportunity to experiment with textures and decals to make the space feel more worn and used.


By allowing me to start a project, you state that you have the immediate funds necessary to pay me in full (based on the estimate given at the start), and that you will retain said funds throughout the duration of the project. If at any point you wish to cancel the project, you are required to pay me for the work already complete (based on hours worked–see Payment.)

I reserve the right to extend, postpone, or cancel the project for any reason, although I will do my best to prevent such inconveniences from happening. The only exception is if I have been paid in advance for specific work that is not yet complete. If I do cancel a project, I’ll provide you with the unfinished product as-is.

I am allowed to use the product for noncommercial, demonstrative purposes. Should you fail to make payments in a reasonable time, I may use the product for any other purpose, including resale.


Once you contact me and explain your project, I will evaluate it and give you an estimated cost and delivery date. I tend to highball the estimates, because I don’t want to charge you more than what you expected, or keep you waiting for too long. You will not be charged above the estimate! If you accept, we will work out the payment details (see below) and I will get to work. I will provide a link to my workspace, so you can check it out at any time. I will do my best to provide consistent progress updates and information as I work. Now and then, I’ll ask for feedback on a certain aspect, so be ready to provide it!

Once the project is complete and you’re happy with the end result, you will complete the payment and I will send over the product as a .rbxmx file with installation instructions–or, if you prefer, a .rbxl file for more complex structures. I’ll stick around to help with any installation issues or immediate problems.


20% of the payment (based on the estimate) is required up-front. The rest of the payment won’t be required until the product is finished and you are happy with it, but before the actual file transfer. Depending on the project, I may request a different payment method.

Rate: $25/hr up to the given estimate


Discord: Chipio Industries#6773 (preferred)

Devforum: @ChipioIndustries
Email: chipioindustries@gmail.com

1 active projects, 1 projects in queue

Wait time approx. 9 days