{Experienced Builders and Animators of high detail} MMORPG - Elysium

Hey there! My name is Michael, and I along with a few others just started working on an upcoming game called Elysium. But to pull this style of gameplay off, we need an advanced builder who’s good at both creating creatures, and building overall maps for the game.

We will discuss payment and whether it should be a flat rate or percentage based on your skill level and investment towards the game. But we will dive more into this through our conversation.

You can reach me either through Roblox or through Discord if you have any questions, or are just interested! My tag is TheDivineSoul#9167. I look forward to working with you!


Also, if you have the ability to create particles, that is an additive bonus for spell effects! (But not required.)

Awesome! I just shot you a message.

@TheDivineSoul I am also interested in this position here is my and discord portfolio


Hey, all! The positions are still open. I’ll send you an image of the first map on Disc so that you can get a feel for the layout.