Experienced Mid-Poly Builder Commission

I am writing to initiate a dialogue regarding a potential long-term collaboration on a project where you would assume the role of primary developer.

Allow me to introduce myself; I am NotableH (Hudafi), and I have recently returned to the Roblox platform with a firm resolve to actualize a project that has long inhabited my dreams: “Papers Plz Noob Edition.” This game aims to seamlessly integrate the mechanics of a traditional border game with a lighthearted, novice-friendly theme, presented in a contemporary aesthetic.

Outlined below are the essential features and locales envisioned for the game’s expansive mid to large-scale map:

•A picturesque village serving as the spawning point for new players

•A modest urban landscape leading up to the border

•A strategically positioned rebel encampment near the urban area, in proximity to the border

•A meticulously designed border checkpoint catering to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic
•Military command infrastructure situated in close proximity to the border

•Comprehensive road networks and pedestrian thoroughfares interconnecting various locales, including routes leading to a bustling metropolis

•The urban hub showcasing architectural marvels such as castles, residential complexes, and opulent structures, with minimal interior design demands

•A central rallying point within the center of the larger city.

•Specialized training facilities.

•A larger military base in the larger city.

•Governmental housing administrative functions.

•An intricate subterranean network connecting the urban and rural areas, traversing beneath the border

These elements constitute the foundational framework for the envisioned map. If you find the prospect of collaborating on this endeavor appealing, I would be eager to delve deeper into the details and explore the potential for a mutually enriching partnership.

Payment Structure:

I have estimated the total project cost to be in the range of £760 - £950. Of this sum, I anticipate allocating £300 - £480 towards the construction aspect. I am willing to adjust the compensation within reasonable bounds. Additionally, I envision establishing a long-term commitment by remunerating the original team members with a percentage share, along with a weekly stipend of 5000 Robux or £35. While the weekly payment is currently a tentative proposal, its implementation into our contractual agreement is contingent upon the project’s successful execution.

The payment will be disbursed in four installments:

Upon acceptance of the project: 50% of the total cost will be given once you complete the spawn area.
First week: 15%
Second week: 15%
Third week: 20% + additional compensation for any inconveniences encountered

While I prioritize the delivery of a meticulously crafted game, I also value timely progress updates. Ideally, I envisage completing the project within a timeframe of three months or less. However, I am willing to exercise patience for the sake of achieving excellence.

I eagerly await your response, including your proposed terms and conditions. Your prompt feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I am eager to establish a commencement date and embark on this exciting journey together.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal in its entirety.

Warm regards,

NotableH (Hudafi)

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