Experienced Scripter needed paying up to 100k Robux 'Escape The Night game'

PearlLilac x Escape The Night

About Me

Hello, my Roblox name is PearlLilac,
I’ve been working on this game for a bit now, Its based on the YouTube Red series ‘Escape the Night’ notably the 4th season (All-Stars), I currently have two games out Barbie Life in the Dream House Tycoon (46.8 Million Plays) and Barbie Life in the Dream House Roleplay (12.4 Million Plays) I really do push/back my games to make sure everything I release is a success.

About The Job

More about the Escape The Night game; It’s a round based mini-game elimination style game, similar to Eviction Notice / Survivor. I currently have a functioning lobby that teleport players to the game as well a working alpha version of the game. I have pretty much all of the maps made and just need help scripting the games to work and function within the game. I also need a working shop/game passes, inventory systems, in game currency, adding in pre-made audio, possibly character select options and more. I have the imagery to supply for this just need the scripting talent to put it all together.
I’d also love to walk you through the alpha version so you can get a sense of how the game operates.

A standard round would have all players in the lounge with dialogue explaining to “Did you hear that?!.. Sounds like a new exhibit has just been unlocked!.. Let’s go check it out!” > Teleports all players to one of the exhibits(pre-built rooms) players are given like 30 seconds and are told “Prepare yourselves for a safety competition” > all players are then teleported to a multiplayer mini-game winner is given safety from the vote. > players are teleported from the mini-game back to the lounge “Players in order to defeat the evil within the museum and retrieved a jeweled key you must offer a human sacrifice, you must nominate two of your friends to face a challenge the winner will return back to their friends with the jeweled key, the loser will be scarified” All players vote on screen using an UI of players character and names on tarot cards each player gets to vote one person. Two players from there will be send to a 1v1 final death challenge winner player returns back to lounge with the remaining players and a new round begins. Game will continue till there are 2 players left they will compete in an obby puzzle skill challenge to decide the winner. Can you Escape the Night?

Main Game (Testing): Escape The Night (Testing) - Roblox

Mini-game Example: ETN: Gem Hunt 1 - Roblox

Example of our game's build style


I have an open budget, mostly looking to spend Robux.

Contact Me

Discord: PearlLilac#8718

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m no scripter, but if you are looking for a builder, I’m interested. My past work - [Portfolio] kd12306 - Builder & Modeler If not, then I hope you find someone who you are looking for! If you need anything my Discord is - KEDO#2667

I am interested in scripting for you, my discord tag is Quionew#2800 and I have contacted/sent a friend request to you.

i would love to work with you as a scripter . Discord = Spaceman21074#1387

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