Experienced scripter to create anti-exploit

Hi, my game is constantly being attacked by exploiters. I need someone who can fabricate an anti-exploit that can stop exploiters from doing simple exploits such as changing walk speed, flying, right grip weld, etc. In addition to that, I am in need of something to stop the exploiters from crashing servers [spamming remotes, spamming chat remote, or whatever they do]. I am willing to pay up to 5.3K ROBUX excluding marketplace fees.


I can probably help. Dm me on discord at [Retracted]

Message me with details and I’ll let you know if I can free up some time for this project.

No point to it anymore. Roblox’s banwave came through, banning hackers and non-hackers. From what I’ve heard, they are IP bans so you shouldn’t have an as prominent issue with server crashers. This is not guaranteed, but still should provide some wiggle room to work on your exploitable code.

That doesn’t change the fact that the many security flaws and most likely bad infrastructure should still be addressed, because alternate accounts and vpns exist.

This mindset is terrible. IP bans are easily bypassable. A temporary hindrance is by no means… grounds for malpractice.


This ban wave, if anything, will just help lower the amount of exploiters for a week - if that.
All exploiters that have at least two brain cells know to use an alt, and most of the bans on the ban wave are for three days only - not IP bans.

On a side note, one thing nice about this ban wave is that we now know Roblox is and has actively been trying to combat exploiting. A lot of users think that Roblox ignores making big security updates, and hopefully this is a step in the right direction to prove them wrong. After all, it takes quite a bit of time to come up with something that can combat exploitation.

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Number one rule in cyber security and coding secure systems, never trust anyone. Even if you think they might not be there, they are. Treat everyone that connects to your server as a hacker and out as many roadblocks in the way to keep them from exploiting.


I can help you out. I have almost 6 years of coding experience. Add me on discord forbrad#1554

To be honest you don’t have to hire someone for this. Adonis Admin has a customizable system that blocks those exploits so you can choose the maximum walk speed (If Bypassed It’ll Kick) and maximum health and maximum jump, etc…

We have already found someone but, the walk speed and all that we don’t really need we just need for the exploiter to have the ability to crash servers taken away.

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