Experienced Scripters for hire!

About Me

Hi there! Me and @SkeletorAngel are offering our services as scripters. We have over 2 years of experience. We both have lots of free time and would love to develop your game!


We are currently working on expanding our portfolio, but we have this so far:

For that, you get a coin for every time you click on the screen, and your data saves.


We are available every day! We do attend school though, but besides that we are free!


Prices are negotiable, we accept robux and/or % if we like the game


Devforum: @U_npluggedDev @SkeletorAngel
Discord: U_npluggedDev#0001 SkeletorAngel#2021

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

What is the deal with the demo, all I see are two models holding a football, one is anchored and the other isn’t; and there’s a sphere that rolls around.

Click plays in the bottom left, then click a play

the thing is still a work in progress

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can you script a whole clicking game from start to finish?

We could do that very easily and it would only take a couple weeks at most!