Experiences using Marketplace Items - Policy update

No, they have paused it. There’s no guarantee, but things are beginning to look better.

That doesn’t mean we should stop fighting, however. Basically every Roblox game that has ever been is at risk here.


why would I fake it out ?? bruh

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roblox i guess just only cares about is dynamic rthro related stuff. hopefully they put an end to that


Roblox is acting like they can hide their past, but they can’t because being known as a “silly lego game” since the late 2000s and early 2010s is what brought them all this fame and success.


They cant hide their past, yet they try to.
Pretty much pointless for them to become modern, their community likes (or liked) how they were before.
tl;dr if it aint broke dont fix it



Well, I completed my custom character project today… It wasn’t the easiest thing (especially compared to what I’m used to modeling, cups and accessories), but I think this really shows how dumb decisions (even “postponed” ones) can really drive myself (and probably others) to do things we wouldn’t otherwise do.

I don’t know anything about stocks and public companies other than “buy low, sell high” (and going public being a horrible business decision), but it’s annoying how companies will prioritize satisfying and hyping random people that bought stocks over the developers that are responsible for creating profitable experiences, and therefore the people that are really helping keep this platform afloat.

Developers make experiences with gamepasses and other purchases, so they probably do help Roblox financially by incentivizing players to buy Robux…but they instead do sometimes stupid things just for the random investors.


The best thing we can all do right now is private our “experiences” and keep criticizing them here, don’t hold pack, push them back, show them we’re the true “investors.”


Money’s amazing and all, but Roblox is just doing too much at this point. They can barely even handle their users making dumb stuff without crying about it and trying to force them onto Rthro and their stupid Dynamic Heads. - That last part about them crying about it was mostly a joke, but the rest really does explain the way Roblox wants to go in. It’s not pretty.


I think it’s also hilarious how Roblox is shoving the developers down the staircase, when we have the ropes tied around their ankles.

If they push us into the abyss, we take them with us.


Roblox is pretty much crippling devs with this update.
You’re supposed to help them, not cripple them in terms of assets.


-- oh my god why are people still whining here they already pulled the change

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Read again. It’s paused for now, but they fully intend to bring it back in the future.


-- yeah no duh but the basis of this policy is literally just a perfectly reasonable idea, don’t randomly use other people’s accessories in your game without permission, or if you do make it easy for people to buy it. yes it is horribly worded and needs to be fixed MAJORLY before going into effect but this is getting ridiculous at this point

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I think you misunderstand where most of the backlash is coming from. For UGC items I think we can agree this would be a pretty fair change (even if the initially proposed time window was far too tight) since people really should have been asking for permission to use them anyway.

The biggest problem for most was it also applied to Roblox’s own items, which reskinned versions of are commonly used in a lot of games all over the platform. Suddenly pulling a u-turn on something that’s been allowed since basically the creation of accessories just wasn’t the move. Not only would it be forcing current devs to remake potentially entire item pools which would be borderline impossible for some people in the originally proposed time frame, but also many older games that still attract a playerbase that are now unmaintained would be subject to moderation for a change they probably never expected before stopping development. It was a massively destructive and poorly thought out change that deserved the response it received.


Don’t forget about this post, guys. Roblox needs to know we will never accept this outrage


Swinging back around to this one after seeing the announcement about partnering with Synapse. I wonder now if that update is not only about protecting players/devs from exploits but about protecting against asset theft in general.

Both this update and the public UGC update were deferred. Public UGC was pushed to early 2024, and this update was no doubt designed to precede it.

I wonder now if this asset privacy update will happen on or by November 15th (Investor Day) after having done some preliminary security prep for this update. Some key topics at Investor’s Day include these various updates, so it makes sense for them to move ahead with this one as soon as they have stronger security measures in place.


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For real, they want to hide the fact that Roblox was once no more than a cute little physics engine that gave millions of kids the best childhoods ever. now it’s a corporate entity with corporations like gamefam and big games (owners of pet sim x, to clarify) that ruin it for everyone, and no originality in games anymore (if you dont know what i mean look at the current “simulators” these days, they’re all either wall-breaking-simulator style or arm-wrestling-simulator style)


yeah and if they do roll out this update, then that means literally 99% of games are dead. this is the update that will destroy roblox if they roll it out, and roblox corp is too obsessed with getting investors to realize that this kind of nonsense is exactly the kind of thing that pushes investors AWAY from roblox.


real, if they roll out this update then that means literally 99% of games are dead, because 99% of games use roblox assets (gears, clothing, etc) in some way or another, even if they’re just retextured or whatever.