Experiences using Marketplace Items - Policy update

I think it’s safe to asume that Roblox isn’t going to let us use their classic assets either? :cold_sweat:

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As far as we can tell, they don’t intend on removing classic assets from our inventories, only removing the ability to get new ones :sad:


You’ve decided to pause the rollout.
That’s the wrong answer. You should scrap the rollout entirely and sweep it far, far under the rug, like any sensible person.
Why do you guys not see that you are destroying your own platform? Why are you trying to fix things that aren’t broken?

I’ll be frank; if you’re not someone that has experience making content for roblox, you should not be allowed to make changes to the creative process. This is so… blindingly obvious to every other creator in the community, as made apparent in this thread.

This update genuinely feels malicious in nature. This is the kind of stuff that will mysteriously lead to a mass exodus of content creator from your platform. And to show that you still plan to go ahead with it later down the line is plain abhorrent.

This is not simply being tone-deaf to the community. It’s actively trying to harm the community. There’s simply no other way to put it.

EDIT: I understand there are potentially unavoidable problems happening behind the scenes that could be forcing your hands into pushing this update. But whatever it may be, why would the solution be to push this nonsense on everyone? Why not address the issue directly, and potentially be more transparent with the community about it? Why not run polls? Why actively do one of the things that could harm the platform the most? How do you think this update would affect the platform in the long term? This is so dumb and could’ve been avoided in SO many different ways, way before it would’ve had a chance to blow up like this…


I don’t think this terrible policy update would affect what players can wear when they enter an “experience”; It will only mess up developers and greatly limit what they can use in said experiences. Like, players can only try on and wear clothes that are on-sale and in stock, and for all we know, all Roblox assets won’t be allowed for anything else (NPCs, props, environment details, etc.).

If the update did remove anything vaguely “classic” from players’ inventories, it would anger many more people than just the developers that it will enrage if they even try to sneak this update out when they think we aren’t paying attention to our Studio notifications.

I personally don’t really find Roblox’s classic aesthetic that appealing (The basic, somewhat outdated, textured appearance of most gear meshes, not the classic beveled cylinder head and smile), so I don’t think much of my inventory would be affected, but I do use one of their official dynamic heads and body bundles, so I suppose that would still cause issues for me personally.

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Exactly this.

Roblox making contrarian decisions feels uncanny yet unsurprising at the same time. The amount of non-beneficial updates they’ve been pushing (or trying to push) have been quite crazy lately and it’s been going on for way too long.

They let copyrighted items get out of control here, and then chose one of the worst solutions possible for it.


Roblox is vying to do what every company does because they believe it will propel them on the track to success. However, what I don’t think Roblox realizes was that they’re unique platform was what brought them their success. They’re trying to fit in because they see that it’s a tried and true formula that has happened with nearly all successful companies. However, in doing so, they trade their lifeblood, or their loyal community.

Roblox is sitting here trying to be the metaverse, not realizing they already made the metaverse, likely before the term was even invented!

Roblox as a community is so large that there’s subcommunities within subcommunities within subcommunities. You can very much be whatever you want to be in theory. However, all these communities somewhat rely on each other in at least one way.

While I don’t think Roblox is INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy itself, they’re making plenty of moves that wouldn’t necessarily be good for the players, the developers, and the investors.

Hopefully they can redeem themselves for people who have lost faith in them already before it’s too late.


I generally don’t dig out old posts - but I noticed today that the same 100 calls per second has evidently expanded to My Inventory on the site. I saw this post and the Open Cloud Inventory API after making a post about it.

I have 25+ pages of models and packages, but can’t access more than 100 of my own inventory items (4 pages) at any given time, and it always shows the most recent items and nothing else. As you can imagine this significantly affects development.

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smile wil be going offsale most likely

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The issue stems from community dissonance, an unfortunate property which hundreds of companies have. This is the result of greed over morale, and it’s the worst possible thing for a creative workspace to commit to, especially a creative workspace directed towards children.


If Roblox genuinely goes forth with this after seeing the clear and prominent message being sent by the community then it’s official that we are nothing more than users than creators. Roblox’s downfall has already began, this will just progress it.


Yeah, but it’s not actually used in the default rig.

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It’s probably safer to use rbxasset://textures/face.png instead, since that’ll probably always be included with the client. (It does look lower-quality, though; I wish Roblox included more of the “common” textures and stuff locally so people could mod their copy of the client instead of 99% of assets being downloaded on the fly.)

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It kind of does this already. The collision sounds, such as rbxasset://sounds/stone3.ogg is still on the RCC. Even though it uses rbxasset, it still downloads from the server.


And at the same time this shows up in my reccomendations.


See those games?
some of those games will be gone bud.

due to this change ofc


Not some of those pretty high % most of those will be deleted, sadly. With that, those who make clothes, as many people on here do, that kinda helps us as clothing designers. And others do sometimes take ideas from those games as inspiration.

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i would like to say that there are also a lot of developers who have already stated that they will go to many other platforms that if many of these updates come out. Because it not only affects us, but sadly, when a company loses half of the community, then it will mostly collapse on itself. With that said, there are a lot of those creators who have already left the platform to go onto other ones that offer more free rein of ideas. I’m gonna say, let’s not beat a dead bug with a shoe over and over for the things the creators do and give back to the community, and they still get hit in the end. if anyone wants to know atleast one of those platforms ill say it but as a whole i really would like to see roblox redeem thereself and able to kinda pull back the reins for us creators and give us some type of slack to where we can create but also help them build into the company that they started from the get go


yooo new roblox leak just dropped for the next update
can’t wait to play my favorite experience ##############################################################

oh what’s that in the news?

oh well, time to go back to playing MINECRAFT 2!

On a serious note,
Roblox… Please stop with the horrible updates, the horrible ideas, and the horrible executions. Experience the actual community instead of the one you pretend you’re bringing together. Then after you finally get some sense, return to the drawing board with a better idea of what you’re dealing with, and make good changes.

(there is no leak, it’s fake. sorry gamers)


They’re probably not even GOING to the drawing board, just slapping on idea notes onto the black (or beige) board.

############################################################## Clearly best game and I love it



So… Remember how I said that I would go through the work of creating my own character model just to (hopefully) work around these bad new rules? Well, I know this isn’t the place to show my progress (the WAYWOC thread is for that), but well, I just wanted to show that I wasn’t just saying that, and may make this a resource when it’s finished if it all imports well…

(My incomplete character model is on the right.)
These changes may mess up experiences that rely on marketplace items, but they won’t mess me up. If anything, they’re forcing me to make my own assets and avoid the marketplace like the plague, all to avoid looking like a greedy developer shoving prompts in players’ faces and being rate-limited checking to make sure the player owns items… (What were the people that thought up this nonsense thinking, I must again ask?)