Experiences using Marketplace Items - Policy update

So roleplay games with simple ID customization are gonna be smited, I see. Thank you for absolutely no notice


Many roleplay games let their players use items by inserting them by ID for their character. They are usually small games with little in the way of maintenance, does that mean all of them are going to be taken down in a week if they can’t pull an experienced coding team out of nowhere to update very old games?


Yes, I’m sure that making more barriers for entry on what’s supposedly a social platform is a great idea. Thank you for the one week homelessness notice. Yes, I’m sure we can rip our games apart in less than a week or change the entire core basis of our games.

Where has Roblox’s culture gone? It really feels like the employees coming up with these changes don’t actually play Roblox. Feels oh-so tone deaf. I still miss the group leaderboards, the removal of it made groups extinct on Roblox. There are so many complaints I have. And they grow with each announcement, like this and the home experiments. The only update I felt that was interesting today was the subscriptions. Many of these changes put people’s lives at risk. I don’t feel like Roblox really understands the repercussions of even the smallest of changes.

Stop coming up with your own ideas. Roblox isn’t a playground for your employees. Ask us what we want in a diplomatic way, then make it. Don’t figure out how we feel through surveys and data quantification.


The fact that this update also forbids the usage of off-sale/limited items (since they can not be prompted for purchase) is absolutely silly.


This on top of recent UGC annoucements.

Simply L after another L

I was trying to transition from UGC to game developing. But since my game makes heavy use of classic roblox items (most of them are offsale) this puts my game straight into the bin. 3 years of development btw. I have enough of this bullcrap.


A week to redo hundreds of hairs, faces, and remake the entire body for NPCs across 5 large games because they are using off-sale Roblox body packages and Roblox hairs/faces.

Regardless of the time given, this is a WILD change that decreases the ease of use for young/new developers trying to get into this platform. Wow.


The higher-ups don’t care about the community. Their overall attitude has made that abundantly clear. They’ve doubled down on numerous awful changes before, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same here.


the video displays a separate ui being created when pressing try on (not purchase prompt) but the policy states you have to purchase prompt the user each time they try the item on. what???

  • Prevent items that are not available to purchase from being used in the experience (i.e., zero quantity, only for resale, or off-sale items) with our CatalogSearchParams tools.

What? This severely gets in the way of multiple possible avenues of sales.

What if I let players try on an item that the community knows is about to release?
What if I let players try on an item that they want to purchase for resale?

My experience is primarily about improving discoverability for UGC limiteds. Letting players try on and purchase items is one of the core aspects, and that includes items that are now only up for resale.

You’re gonna have to meet us halfway here. I have a list of things that Roblox could improve with MarketplaceService, and Roblox and creators would mutually benefit from them.


everyone should just not comply. what are they gonna do, take down all the large games? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Might aswell deprecate characters gang


Evanbear is on the right path here, this interferes with a lot and isn’t player-friendly. I see the purpose, but the actions being taken are not the appropriate actions, especially with such little time.

Plus - if they have to appeal with their agreement, what’s the point? The appeal could get declined regardless, then you’re stuck without that important element in the game. It would appear as if the game developer is going to have to upload the clothing item - but then what happens to the actual creator?

All around, this should be revised.


petition for roblox to stop ruining their platform


I strongly agree with this, great take CrimsonForce


we’re going back to og bald characters


I have a moderately sized game I rely on for my current income. After recent real life events taking away other forms, this is pretty much my only source of income at the moment.

Here comes Roblox telling me I have to rework my game in about a week or risk having my only source of income removed. :slight_smile:
I would love a form of protest against this, just in case Roblox doesn’t backtrack.


Please, please listen Roblox. This change is going to destroy the platform and your developers. Genuinely, take our word for it.


The deadlines are beyond unfair for all those who have to accomplish these changes; That which has been proposed also bring entire genres down to their knees; With all these developers suffering backlash from their own communities if they do implement what is being asked. - To the most disappointingly possible outcome of the games no longer being able to be tenable and having to shut down. (Such as games that are no longer being supported by a development team that just so happen to be using older hats or gear, to games that have core features built around accessories and the customization of ones character)

Within the current provided context one can reasonably assume these changes are to prepare for a future where the platform is much more reliant on user created content. - But Roblox will not be held accountable at all as to what individuals place onto the market. (Not that they are presently doing so.) - The point being that within the future it might not be so uncommon for individuals to be liable to be individually targeted by corporations for IP breaches be it false or not.

Development on top of all this is increasingly going to be complicated going forward with the guidelines one must follow;

  • As it stands, it seems that agreements are not going to be respected amongst creators.
  • For one to be absolutely safe within the development sphere you will need to develop each and every asset within your games on your own/within a group.
  • Make sure that if your game relies on any of these assets that from a foundational standpoint the game is built to cater to these changes.
  • The API in addition has a gigantic rate limit that will impede various systems that creators maintain within their games (100 requests per second across all servers)

We as developers are being thrown under the bus big time by these changes, especially because of how unclarified so many elements are.


I have that kind of opinion in the middle paragraph with almost every video game corporation at this point - even ones that are generally quite positive to their communities, such as Digital Extremes, have their moments of “executive stubborn, ship bad feature despite even other employees disagreeing”

…Are there term limits to executive, majority shareholder, etc limits in American law? I doubt it, but it’s sounding like a good idea in my head suddenly. (The example company here is Canadian, but most of the ones I can think of are either American or Japanese.)


Why wasnt this announced at RDC? Oh… I know why.