Experiencing Issues with Publishing & Saving Manually in Studio

Reproduction Steps

Direct Links: 🐘PACEDEGON! Creatures of Sonaria - Roblox (Only seems to be happening to Sonaria in Studio)

System Information:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
  • System Manufacturer: Asus
  • Processor: Intel Core i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz
  • Memory: 32768MB RAM

Beta Features:

  • One-click Collaborate Button
  • CSG v3
  • Save Rig with Animation
  • Start page list display

Expected Behavior

When we are going to manually save & publish any changes, we expect that the changes should be saved and uploaded to Roblox.

Actual Behavior

Instead, an error comes up in studio with this in the error console:


We were able to get it to work again after lowering the file size of the game down to 125/127mb

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-09-02 20:09:00 (-04:00)
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There is a maximum file size for publishing (not saving to file or local auto-recovery files), could you be hitting this limit?

Hi. Sorry for the confusion. The size limit for uploading place file is around 125 mb. You can save places bigger than that limit locally, but you won’t be able to save/publish them. We will work on improving the failure messaging in the future. Thanks for your understanding!

To give a little more information on how you or any other developers experiencing this might try to reduce the size of your place file, the two things that normally contribute the most to place file size are Terrain and MeshParts.

While MeshPart mesh data is stored as an asset, the physics data is stored as part of the place file. MeshParts that use Default or PreciseConvexDecomposition CollisionFidelity will include significantly more data than those that use Box or Hull. If there are any MeshParts in your place that could be converted to Hull or Box either because they don’t use collisions (always CanCollide false) or because they don’t need collisions that are more accurate than Hull or Box this would help you save file size and improve the performance of your game. If you can’t change the collision types you might want to use InsertService to load in uncommonly used meshes at runtime when needed.

For terrain, removing any voxels that are non-visible could help cut down on the size of the place file. To see whether MeshParts or Terrain make up the majority of your place you could try removing these and saving a temporary copy of the place to file and see the change in file size.


Thank you - we will try this and get back to you