Experiencing issues with the automatic translator overwriting translated strings

Reproduction Steps

Browser: Google Chrome on Windows OS

Step 1) Open the Translator Portal on the Roblox Creations page

Step 2) Translate a word

Step 3) Wait

Step 4) See auto translation at work in about a week (Only seems to work on previously translated languages)

Expected Behavior

I expect that the auto translated words are only translated on the appropriate entities.

Actual Behavior


For example, the entities’ name “Verklixin” is not meant to be translated, however the auto translator has converted it into Thai, which is not intended.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: https://create.roblox.com/translator-portal
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Sometimes
Date First Experienced: 2022-08-28 14:08:00 (-04:00)

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Hi there, thank you for the report! We experienced a bug on weekend of Aug 28, but all of the automatic translations should be corrected (as you see in your screenshot, it was reverted back to your original translation).

Please let us know if automatic translation is continuing to overwrite new translations, or if any overwritten translations were not fixed. If so, we will definitely look into this!


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