Experimental mode not going away

I have an issue with Filtering Enabled/Experimental Mode. On the games tab of the develop page it says that the game, RSA, is Experimental Mode on, however on the places tab of the develop page it says that Experimental Mode is off, when I go in studio and turn on Experimental mode and then turn it off and save and join the game Experimental Mode stays the same how I described above. Any ideas how to turn it off on both pages?

Games Tab

Places Tab


This has been a been a known bug for a while now. A few posts that are similar to this already exist and thus, I recommend trying the quite useful search feature. As for the bug itself, I believe there isn’t a way to fix it as of right now, so you are just going to have to ignore it. :confused:


Try opening the game and joining it after making it FE, I’ve heard that helps.

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I figured it out I had other places attached to the game that weren’t experimental mode off.

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