Experimental Science Update Log

Experimental Science: [ANNIVERSARY!] Experimental Science! - Roblox

Version 1.5 (Anniversary Update):

  • New experiments! (“Oooo, a piece of cheese!”, “Ooo, slides!”, “Ooo! A skatepark!”, “I wonder where those tubes go.”)
  • Revamped experiments! (“Avalanche! Get to high ground!”)
  • Removed some experiments. (“It’s raining tacos! From out of the sky! Tacos-“ and “Don’t touch the spinny thing!”)
  • Vials! Vials can be bought from Skyler’s shop. Vials give you a certain ability/effect (such as a faster speed or higher jumps) for three minutes.
  • New blue cheese! This type of cheese can be found on the back shelf with the computer on it. It is the left-most item there. This is far away like the Brie Cheese, and needs a key like the camembert cheese. This is the most expensive non-seasonal cheese so far.
  • Major UI revamp! (Inspired by Nintendo’s “Splatoon 2”)
    -Welcome UI added
    -New tutorial UI added on first join.
    -Trail shop UI issues fixed on mobile.
    -Item shop reworked to be more user friendly and to allow more items to be added in the future.
  • Scenery improvements! (New/changed decorations around the map and better lighting)
  • New shop items! (“Laser Pointers”)
  • Items in the shop now last until you leave the game instead of when you leave or die.
  • Umbrella item price changed from 5 to 10 cheese.
  • Laser gun item changed to do more damage.
  • New trails! (“Antarctic Party”, “Bee!”, “Cheeses”, “Inferno”, “Pastels”, “Potions”, “RGB”, “Remy!”, “Royal Red”, “Shop Palette”, “Skyler!”, “Synthwave”, “Terminal”, & “The Rat”)
  • Trail prices increased. (Previously purchased trails will not be removed from players’ inventories)
  • Some animations added. The rat scientist presses a button before an experiment starts, the trumpet now has an animation, and the boxing glove now has an animation.
  • Bug fixed where if you escape the cage and go back you would still be teleported back in.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 1.4:

  • Trails! Players can now buy trails from Skyler the Scientist. Visit her to purchase trails, and to equip a trail click “Trail Inventory” on the right side of your screen. Trails last forever.
  • New safe with camembert cheese next to main table! This can be stolen just like regular and brie cheese, but is worth 5 instead of 15 or 1. Players need to key to open the safe to get the camembert cheese, which can be found in certain experiments. (“We’ve angered the gods”, “The cage is flooding”, “Tsunami Incoming”, “There’s a piece of cheese!”, and possibly more in future updates!
  • Added cheese crumbs on the floor of the room which you can steal to get one piece of cheese, however they take twice as long as regular cheese
    *New experiment! (“It’s raining tacos! From out of the sky! Tacos-“)
  • Updated “We’ve angered the gods” experiment. This experiment has been updated to work better and be more entertaining! It now has three sections, one that floods, one that you have to take shelter from hail, and one where you have to take shelter in a pond from fire.
  • Stealing brie cheese now gives you 15 pieces of cheese instead of 10.
  • Summer cheese table moved to a different side of the main table, and summer cheese Obby has been made slightly easier.
  • New game icon and thumbnails!
  • Minor bug fixes with cheese stealing system

Versions 1 through 1.3 have been logged through update announcements, newer versions have been logged more accurately.

Version 1.3:

  • Updated UI (again)
  • Summer Event
  • Summer Cheese
    (Special cheese you can steal that’s worth more than regular AND brie, talk to Remy in game for more information!)
  • Two new experiments!
  • Lighting changes
  • New shop item!
  • And more!

Version 1.2:

  • New cheese stealing system, which is less prone to bugs and exploits
  • A safe with brie cheese has been added to the shelf! It can be stolen just like regular cheese, but is harder to get to and worth 10 instead of 1.

Version 1.1:

  • Brand new shop system and ui!
  • Slightly updated UI
  • Two new events!
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0.1:

  • New experiment!
  • Minor gameplay adjustments
  • UI adjustments
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0:

  • Release!