Explicitly state that April Fools jokes and trolls are not allowed

UPDATE: This has really started to become annoying. A certain user which wants their account deleted kept raiding the forum for at least 90 minutes. I can understand some newer people here simply want to post a joke but that’s completely unacceptable at this point. These are some stats about that specific raider:

  • This raid has been occurring for at least 90 minutes (and it’s still going on).
  • 100+ posts by them were flagged afaik. Nobody can even count them anymore.
  • 15 seconds were enough to have their rule-breaking posts flagged and hidden. This means people were so tired about that to the point they were waiting for their next post so they could flag it.
  • A topic in DD was created (even though I wouldn’t endorse such a thing) with 149 replies. And there are still people typing.

In addition, many people were harassed by them, countless extreme swear words and swear words directed at others were used. There’s nobody online at the moment to ban them. Everybody is extremely exhausted now. Just do something.

It has been proven that flagging is useless. Finally, there were also random people making posts like “How to buy Roblox”.

UPDATE 2: That person has now been suspended and immediately received strike 2.

As a developer, it’s currently (a little bit) harder to find actual topics that aren’t trolls today. I have seen several people posting jokes even in Community Resources, which is one of the only valuable categories left in the forum.

I’m basically asking to make a new rule which explicitly prohibits such posts. Another solution is to clarify the current ones. The problem is that certain users think trolls are allowed on the forum just for today, which is something dumb.

If Roblox were to address this issue, it’d improve my experience while using the forum because I’ll be able to see more actual posts today.


This is already against the rules (spam). Flag them.


These are also only likely to happen once a year, although some like to ask a few days before if it’s ok, so it might help that i guess.


The point is basically to discourage users from posting such stuff. Flagging is what we’re always asked to do. I personally think the rules should be clarified either case.


Users who are dumb enough to knowingly spam the forum on april fools day are also dumb enough to ignore reading the rules.


There have been so many topics asking if April Fools are allowed and I think there should be a banner on the front page saying “Do not post April Fools jokes” or something like that.

It was in the early morning in my time zone when the raid happened but when I woke up this morning I got 4 notifications that were the raider commenting on my post and spamming the most ridiculous nonsense I have ever seen.


Even though there have been many many topics on if April Fools jokes are allowed, some people just don’t want to follow the rules.

Please do not spam the forum!

UDPATE 3: The person just got terminated