Exploit allowing someone to view other people's saved outfits...?

I just received a tweet from this account:

I got pretty freaked out when I saw this because, yes, those are the actual outfits on my account…

But my account wasn’t actually breached - he’s tweeting the same thing at many other people as well just to scare them. I’m assuming he’s just found a way to view this outfit data which he shouldn’t be able to access.

Edit: I was told this is apparently a well known thing that’s been around ever since outfits were released, and it’s as simple as using inspect element to change a user ID value on the page. Still seems really silly to be able to view other people’s outfits in such a simple manner, though.

Yeah there’s a line of code to see others’ outfits. But I forgot which one, it is typed in chrome’s or firefox’s command bar. :confused:

Year, i saw someone doing it around a year ago.

Also should mention, since this stuff is technically publicly available: I’m pretty sure outfit names don’t get filtered with the new filter.

They do however go through some type of filter, it just returns [ Content Deleted ] when it gets blocked.