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When ever I look into the catalog, I go select ‘Recently updated’ In shirts. I see there are 3 groups only! They are posting every millisecond and are filling up our choices! https://www.roblox.com/groups/5974195/Space-Clothingz#!/store Is botting their clothings, and are making every single group they possibly can to upload the groups store! this is an issue, a very big one that can lead to a person making big money from doing literally nothing. They are also probably stolen clothings.

[EDIT] they have also made an issue more frustrating, where they get thousands of empty groups and post all the clothing onto them. here are examples.

they are the other groups. I believe we should terminate these groups, and blacklist the names of the clothings. If you need me to, I can copy and paste all the names for the shirts and pants, and then you can select all of them and paste them into the blacklist.

https://www.roblox.com/users/1567788875/profile Is the user.

please help us small designers be able to achieve our needs! this one person is ruining it for all of us, while they are getting rich!!! Thank you for help and hopefully you can understand my frustration.


This is a hard problem to solve, but what Roblox can do is add CAPTCHA’s before making a shirt published/buyable. Roblox does need to fix this because this has been happening for a few years. There is an exploit program that can also steal/create the file of the shirt id, which is how I assume people get it. So even stopping the bots won’t stop people stealing clothes.


I have been uploading shirts/pants on roblox recently and every single upload is needed a FunCaptcha. I understand that people are exploiting the fact it is a website Captcha instead of a normal one, and they find the source code of what is opening it but there needs to be a blacklist for this behavior, as in change the clothing’s availability. These groups need termination! Thank you for your reply.

I don’t get CAPTCHA’s at all for T-Shirts, Shirts, or Pants. It is also really hard to find out who is the real owner of these shirts. I feel as if Roblox has been ignoring this problem for a while.


I originally did report the method to exploit reports , they told me that since the shirt is for sale they can copy it as they like, (due to the api). They go to the asset url and then it auto downloads it, Although there recently was a bot made that auto does this by looping through clothing, going to the asset url and then uploading the downloaded image, If it was upto me to patch it, I’d add a rate limit to the endpoint and possibly remove the asset url.

In roblox target there is this 1 shirt that keeps coming back and it says a very bad word on it so I think this is the probelm.

Well theres bypassed shirts everywhere, ive seen obes with racism, cussing etc which have at least 200k+ sales, Unfortunately I believe roblox dont want to fix this issue since I last contacted them about it.

Woah I just realized that they were all from the same person.

Who is that person? He deserves banned on the spot.

Sadly its an alt account

If I was an admin I would just IP ban, on the spot.

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The thing is, the Better Roblox Plugin shows a button on all assets, even plugins, and with clothing it allows you to see the texture, therefore giving an easy access way to mass copy clothing.

Theres discord bots out there that already copy the groups clothing (I made one to send to exploit reports) but they did nothin abt it. For example Rbxodia can clone a whole groups of clothing within 10 mins,(couple hundred pages atleast), then u can make some loop function then upload the asset with fs(node package). I might try and message them again to see if they do nothing, who knows.

It’s annoying. Loads of group struggle a lot just because of this. Potentially, roblox could just message discord, and people who make these bots/ plugins and tell them to stop or get an IP ban, or deletion. Or roblox could find another way to do a ban wave targeted at users who mass produce clothing.

I believe on each clothing there should only be 1 link. What is the point of uploading the same clothing on over 3k groups every day. this should be an instant IP ban anyways, because if it is the same clothing, it’s automatically either stolen, hacked, or just a waste of actual designers trying to produce their own clothings, but failing. I believe this should be a top priority for moderators on roblox!

There is one link, normally. But you can just install better roblox and it allows you to see the texture.

I use this, but the point is that they should get banned from having multiple groups post the same clothing. For examlpe, some random group I found has their clothing posted. this took me 2 minutes to find https://www.roblox.com/groups/1035937/MT-Republic-of-Malta#!/about

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