Exploiter targeting my game

There was months I didn’t gave attentions as I said he doesn’t care about the attentions he just care about how to destroy my game, raiding discord server what ever u can think of

Banning new accounts made on the same day that someone was banned could secure the game from fresh alts.

All the suggestions I could think of for you are;

- Reporting the Discord accounts used to raid. (https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) Make sure you provide message links and not screenshots, or Discord will ignore your ticket.
- Report the Roblox accounts used to violate Roblox ToS. (Support - Roblox)
- Setting up better alt prevention in your Discord Server, great bots are made like https://altdentifier.com/ & https://wickbot.com/ for this exact purpose.
- Check for backdoors in your game, this can include anything from remote events to models you’ve used. I understand you’ve been having issues with solving this issue, possibly hire someone to fix it for you?
- Create a better, more well managed team. I advise the use of Talent Hub & #collaboration:portfolios.


Ban him.

P.S: In discord, evading bans is against their tos.

This violates Rule 21 of the Roblox Community Standards. As it states,

We don’t permit users to deploy or discuss any methods of cheating, including:
• Using exploits to gain an unfair advantage anywhere on the platform
• Sharing exploits with others or encouraging others to cheat

Does this depend on the country? If you were living in Canada (example), would it still be considered illegal, because the link you provided is for U.S. only.

You should keep an eye on him. If he exploits, you can report the user to Roblox for exploiting/hacking. I believe that platform in the image is Discord, so if he does exploit on Roblox you can report him to Discord for doing illegal acts.

Your best bet is to continue banning any accounts he uses and patching exploits. Also Ignoring him like @kinglol123468 said is a good idea.
Discord will probably ban him if you send in a ticket. And Roblox would ban him for the multiple TOS rules he has broken.

Try implementing this into your game:

Isn’t that patched already???

Did you do something about the corrupt devs?

The gun system is obfuscated and only the gun owner of this gun system able to patch it.

Yes they got demoted and no trust in them

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In that case I think you should try and make your own gun system, as the owner is likely not going to patch it.

Hey man sorry to hear this dude is doing this to you anyway here is s bunch of things to help you with your issue:

Discord raiding issue: use a discord bot called alt identifier (a very popular bot they detects alts accounts and some vpns)

Crash game issue: you said he’s using a remote spam so add a remote rate limiter if they go over a certain amount of requests in a certain time kick them.

Other exploits: such as fly, speed ect. Use this free anti cheat from the dev forum.

If there is anything else you can DM me, I’m experienced in making Anti exploits and I know a lot about discord server security, take care.

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I recommend you read this post;
You should apply this in any remote event which creates a part.

Can Exploiters only do stuff client side?

It is better to script your own anti-cheat, pre-made ones are very unreliable. Anybody could essentially have a hidden piece of code that does the complete opposite.

I suggest you message the owner, exploits can be very dangerous and could result in something much worse. If nothing can be done, do everything you can.

On a side note, I also suggest you take screenshots of evidence that this guy is planning to exploit your game and get his Roblox username, since Roblox can ban or warn people for their off-platform behavior as well.

It’s literally open sourced but ok